Monday, February 8, 2010

february's one small change

i am a bit behind in getting this posted but better late than never.  (i had a bit of a computer almost meltdown last night and spent a couple of hours fixing my mechanical world.)  which...although i did not get to post anything on this blog...i did get my project mostly finished.  cool.  i was impressed with myself. update on our first months challenge.  eat local on sundays.  well we did pretty good with that but i have to say dinners and breakfasts are the easiest.  lunches are another story but i can work on fixing that.  i am going to keep on going with the local eating on sundays because it has quickly spread to other days and areas of eating as well.  i am buying maine butter (not making my own until i can find a source for cream that makes the money/butter ratio a bit more economical.) all of the time now.  it makes me feel better.  i found a source for bulk maine grown and milled spelt flour. as soon as i run through what i have i will order some.  cheese is still a bit expensive to buy from a local dairy but maybe once i start working....  i need to find a dairy csa!  but, alas, my love for agave syrup...i can't let go...not yet anyway.  and chocolate.  no way. not ever!   and so onto this month.  we chose plastic.  i was trying to think of anything but this because it seemed so popular (which is great but i aim to be different).  but it really is something so important to me that i couldn't not focus on it.  i am always conscious of where the plastics are in my life but now i have the excuse to obsess and purge and perfect and obsess some more over it. i have also been meaning to sew up my own produce and bulk item bags for over a month or two now and i knew that if i didn't make this my *thing* for this would never happen.  so that is what i worked on last night as i fixed the computer problems.  i have a couple done, a couple more cut out and one for nahum (of course) on the machine right now.  plus, nahum and i have been talking about plastic and why we shouldn't use it all of the time or at all (but really it is impossible to get rid of it).  argh...  now whenever he sees plastic he points it out and loudly exclaims my crazy words right back at me.  i am also going to make a wet diaper sack because i do reuse my plastic bags for dirty diapers but i need to stop that as well.  and that is my story.  and now onto some totally unrelated pictures but i am too tired to find the camera and the bags...i will get them in action soon though. 
::seriously enjoying this cookbook!!  
::fresh thyme from our outside herb garden barley visible through the ice and snow! 
::our carrots we packed in peat moss for the winter are so sweet and almost overpowering (in a good way)!


  1. I think your efforts to eat so locally are wonderful, and you are one of my inspirational food growing families!
    I had planned on making the cloth food bags for so long, so by posting and saying I would do it I really motivated myself. I made some right away, and more this weekend to get ready for grocery shopping this week. Still haven't posted an update though, or written for February...
    And... that is your red kitchen? Those cabinets are so great!

  2. I LOVE Cynthia Lair! I cook at least one of her recipes every week. If not more. Today I made her delicious black bean stew. I have been meaning to make some produce bags too. I think I may get on that tomorrow. I have so much fabric and the bags are a quick sew. So, what do you think about the Nourishing Traditions cookbook? Someone gave it to me and I'm a little freaked out by some of the recipes. Hope you are well. Love, Kyndale

  3. oh my gosh, i wish i could taste a carrot that's been stored so well, like that, and not in plastic in a fridge for months or whatever it is when you buy them at the store these days. i have not seen that book yet, but since you and kyndale are both all about it, i am so curious. i am going to do the plastic thing next month i think, and sew little bags. are they good for storing produce in the fridge in? how are you doing that?

    your telling your son about plastic made me remember how i used to tell the kids i was allergic to plastic, and that's why we couldn't have very many plastic toys. and i didn't feel like i was lying at all. now that they're older and they understand more about allergies, i've had to reframe my statement, but they understand that plastic is made with chemicals, and it's totally unhealthy for the earth and us if we use too much of it. and on and on. nice visiting you today!

  4. Pennie, I just want to grab a handful of those carrots!! I love your happy photos (and your kitchen is very cool!) I am interested in seeing how you created your bags, I have cloth bags but I am feeling the motivation to sew some of my own. I think vintage sheets would be nice, but then again I can never bring myself to cut into them! I think you would really like this blog:
    Kyce shares her journey to eliminating plastic completely from her life, it is helpful and interesting to see her path.
    Peace mama xo

  5. Good news, Pennie: you don't have to give up chocolates! Check this out:

  6. I am very impressed that you are harvesting things from you garden in the winter in Maine! That's great. Thinking deep snow thoughts for you.


  7. Eating locally is such a wonderful thing, and making your own bags is not only useful, but fun to make as well :) It's nice to meet you Pennie, I'm one of your valentine swap partners. Hope you're keeping warm up in Maine, we just got through a blizzard here in Pa. Keep Cozy, Steph

  8. So glad eating local on Sundays is going well. It is such a great start to choose 1 day and go with it!!
    I have also been so aware of our plastic intake due to the popularity of people choosing this for their jan or feb change. It is amazing how much plastic we use without even thinking about it! Good for you Mama!
    By the way...I wanted to remind you that your One Small Change link is going to our old page which has been destroyed.:( If you get a chance, please change your link to our new blog
    Also...we are having a surprise giveaway in March, so make sure to have your March post up by March 5th and come over to the blog and post your link in the comments!

  9. oh good one - I love the unrelated photos - your month of crazy computers sounds like mine - my post was on the last day of FEb! I will be interested to see how you go with the month - I would love to tackle it but I seem to get all the plastic from somewhere - who knows! hOW are you going to make your wet nappy bag?