Thursday, January 28, 2010

spinning and dyeing

last weekend i hosted the acadia spinners at my house.  well, zev and i did!  i spun a bit (busy keeping zevy's fingers out of the wheels) and made soup and bread to feed us all.  there was plenty of sugar and chocolate, as well.  nahum and papa were off ice fishing (first time!) for six hours!!!  i was just starting to get worried when rosy cheeked nahum burst through the door. 
then, on monday, we had a dye party here with my mom and friend.  we used the greener shades sampler dye kit, some vague instructions, some pure guessing, one phone call to another friend and fellow acadia spinner, and lots of faith in ourselves.  nahum pretty much got to dye my whole batch (which was just over a pound of my very first kid mohair from our dear skittery goat, lancelot.  i still have his other kid fleece which i won't be dyeing:))  nahum's favorite colors are pinks and purples and pastel-y in his world it came out my  once spun up (no picture yet) it wasn't too bad (in small doses).  i am spinning right now for a blanket for nahum's bed (my mom is making one for zev).  we hope and hope that next winter the boys will move out of our bed into their own room...but if not...that is okay too.  it will be bittersweet to see them go...aaahhh this post is about fiber...not parenting.  back on track.  i did get to dye some of my fiber the way i wanted to and i really love the way it came out.  i only did little batches so i could experiment with it all (since i have never done any dyeing before).  nahum and all had a blast testing out the dyes and the process behind it all.  and i believe zev had fun playing with his smoothie.  


  1. WOnderful Pennie! I love the images of all those pretty wheels in your house! What a blast....makes me want to join our local spinning group! Your dye project looks great! I can't wait to get back into dyeing soon as the house is back together.
    Thanks for sharing your lovliness! Say hi to your mama.

  2. This is one of our homesteading goals - to raise our own sheep and go through the process. Beautiful pictures!
    Warm wishes,

  3. What a fun group to gather and do some wool experimentation. I also dream of owning my own sheep and spinning my own wool. It is so wonderful that your mother and you share such a bonding commonground as spinning and crafting. That's really wonderful.


  4. Looks like a fun day for everyone - I am hosting my spinning guild for the first time this summer - looking at your photo's I can't wait :D

  5. It's really fun to spin. It takes a lot of rhythm and focus for me. But, it feels so good. I do think that Zev had a really good time with the smoothie!! I hope you are well. Love, Kyndale

  6. The art of spinning is so intriguing to me. I've never seen it done, but imagine it is a really beautiful thing.