Thursday, January 14, 2010

rhythm, rhythm where for art thou my rhythm...

ugh...lately it has been more than a challenge to be with nahum.  rick and i were on edge and short with him, while he was whiny and just bad.  i couldn't believe where we were heading.  yelling all day.  i mean seriously all day.  he has also been showing us his lovely temper (much like his mama...oops!) and saying things like, *no one ever plays with me*.  oops.  okay.  so where do we start.  this is the first winter i have worked.  normally i only work in the warmer months.  plus, we have zev who is no longer a cuddly keep quiet baby.  he is a silly little force who likes to be seen and likes to do. the past during the winter, nahum and i have been together at home with a very relaxing lifestyle.  this winter we are out of the house four mornings a week for both our nursery school (with both kids, of course) and i am still watching m. as well.  during my *spare* time i would cook, clean, wash mountains of clothes and diapers, take the dog out, grocery shop, bank, straighten toys...all of this all over the place whenever i could.  and check the blogs and talk on the phone.  but i needed a rhythm and i couldn't find out why it wasn't working for me.  i was mentally preparing my days as they popped up and was not the way to do it (for us).  so as i was blog surfing in the past week or so i found a lot of posts regarding daily schedules and rhythm (perfect!)...and as i stumbled upon a post by catherine at catherine et les fees, it clicked for me.  she  actually typed out the hours as she planned her schedule.  just like i used to do in college when i needed to study for nine hundred different exams (which i only did once before turning my back on such nonsense and transferring to study photography and cinema...where there are hardly any tests at all!!).  i can't believe it hadn't dawned on me to make this sort of schedule before.  as read catherine's post first i felt envious that she had older children than mine and that must make life easier...(i mean come on, pennie...).  than i slapped my self silly and got to work making our schedule that would fit four different mornings and life with a one year old and a four year old.  all of our afternoons are the same, lunch followed by quiet and nap time, snack, free play (with the mama), four i start dinner and is all of the sudden manageable again.  i wash the dishes after each meal (or during the quiet time phase if i can) and the kitchen is clean almost all the time now.  which makes meal making easier and quicker.  i don't try to do laundry, bake bread, clean the fridge, go groc. shopping and return phone calls in one day anymore.  i haven't been angry at nahum because i am more focused on him (and zev).  i will go to the market and bank alone, quickly, on saturday mornings if i have to go at all.  i don't use the phone at all between the hours of 1-5 during the week anymore (i hope i can keep this one up...).  i am also trying to stop imagining that my bills and debts are paid off by some really rich aunt that i have never met but who loves me anyway, and realize that i have to work and this is my life and maybe, hopefully someday i won't have to work so much and that will be great then but now is now!  i also don't make any extra stops on my way home from either the school or our time with m..  no more...oh lets swing in for a loaf of bread here and a quick check on fabric there...!  that will be good for the money saving factor as well, eh, eh...aren't i so smart.  i don't feel quite as rushed throughout the day.  and i am hoping that the rhythm will begin to feel more natural as the days pass.  of course, it will all change in the spring and summer and the fall again but then i will sit down with my pen and paper and re figure our crazy lives then. see if i can stick to it.  because i am tired and sometimes...i don't want to be the first one out of bed...i want to be the last but that is where it all the morning, staying on task.  it actually makes me feel refreshed as i move from one task to the next on time.  amazing.  and thank you to all those bloggers that spoke about your was most helpful to see it all written down!  and here are some photos from the past couple of days playing and eating and cooking and smiling...YES!!

(nahum and levi)
(hanging out in the castle that pa built!)
(standing on the castle that pa built-right before he jumped of course!)
(pizza dough) 

 (rice pudding-the snack we have been eating a lot of!!)

 (m. and zevy napping today!)
(nahum's snow train that we built. the little tag is the train sign with the number one on it so people know it is the one train!)

(nahum in his worker man gear!)
(the boys and the papa just being together!)


  1. Oh how wonderful Pennie! I read Catherine's post and was so impressed with her ability to stick with her amazing schedule. I pretty much rebel against myself (my schedule) whenever I make one! Hmmmm? A schedule makes incredibly so much sense though! Maybe I should try again?

  2. What a good read Pennie. Sometimes I feel like a boat in the sea rocking and flipping this way and that with the waves. I reset my sail and am on my way. Sometimes it is a minute by minute resetting so I don't tip over. Your photos are wonderful, looks like you have good rhythm to me :) Hoping for that "rich aunt" for you! :)

  3. I am new to Catherine's blog and am really enjoying it.
    I find January to be tough, the warmer months always feel so much more creative to me and flowing.
    I feel like with all the snow/bitter temps. things slow down a bit just as nature does around us. Moving with the four seasons really. (ok so maybe I just 'move' with my gardens cycles!) I enjoyed reading your post Pennie and happy your finding a groove. I love your photos. Warmest wishes to you friend xo

  4. I'm so glad to hear that adding rhythm to your life has helped with Nahum. Hawthorn displays the same behavior ever since Lake started moving around and I have been toying with the idea of rhythm lately. I have a hard time sticking to a schedule and I wonder if I didn't have much rhythm as a child or what my problem is. I know that if I force myself into it, it will become second nature, and it would be so beneficial to the kids. Thanks for sharing.


  5. One of the toughest things about having little children for me was the feeling that it was all chaos. It was so hard to find myself or my rhythm in the whirl of the children's day. A schedule at least makes it feel incremental and structural. The glory is that the structure supports the whimsy and wonder of it it happens. It contains what you need and what the children need.

    Good for you!

  6. Pennie, I hope that you find a rhythm that works for you and your family. The important thing to keep in mind is to build on your schedule. Start with the main blocks (the 3 meals, 2 snacks, morning routine and bedtime routine) and build from there. Keep your rhythm moving with the seasons. I sit down at least 4 times a year to reevaluate my rhythm and see if we have outgrow it. Last fall, I felt lazy and thought we would do better with a freeer rhythm but it became cahotic, the girls started being grumpy and bored, so we're back on the rhythm wagon. Report back in a couple of weeks!

  7. I have tried schedules too. I guess I am way to unorganized to stick to one. I did get a lot of stuff done this weekend. Organizing and packing up the diapers....It does really make life easier when the kids get a little older. Good luck on your schedule. PS. Although I love my blogs...I am finding I have way more time when I schedule my time on them..Happy Weekend Pennie, Love, Kyndale

  8. Glad you are finding your rhythm. Little ones sure do keep life wild and crazy and fun and tiring.