Sunday, January 10, 2010

our first sunday of change.

well, we didn't completely fail you see, we adjusted and figured and will do better next time and daily, too.  first off...i will not rush out to spend more money for sunday meals if i don't need more food (instead i will try daily to not buy foods from so very far away).  making butter was fun, but not practical when trying to rush out of the door.  it was yummy but not enough.  i am a butter lover.  like lots of butter.  everywhere.  when a recipe calls for 3 tbl, i am convinced they really mean 4 or 5.  so...needless to say...making my own butter on a budget..not so much.  making my own butter to go with some yummy that is cool.  i ended up using lard in my cornbread recipe instead of butter.  which was cool to use more of our pig than just toss it.  but...really...lard in my muffins, pies and cookies...not so much. fats...i am going to work on that one.  i found local flour so that went into my cornbread (with the local cornmeal).  and we buy maine milk and everything else was ours... (not the honey, though or the salt but both from maine).  breakfast was easy...eggs.  lunch...not quite as easy because we were out and about and when we got home everyone was hungry, NOW!  so i will make a list and be better prepared with some ideas. and i am going to make lots of non plastic shopping bags...all sizes...for fruits, and grains and yummy yummy butter.

 (little, lovely, lump of yellow butter!!)

(funny little robot boy)
i had to toss this photo of nahum in here because he is so funny.  he kept asking rick to make him a robot costume.  i wondered where he got the idea from (i think a book?!) but he wouldn't tell me.  so on saturday i went spinning (forgot my camera...argh!) and when i got home, this robot greeted me at the door.  okay...signing off now!


  1. I made some corn bread tonight too. It must have been a corny type of dinner night. I always loved butter too...a lot. Now I'm 95% vegan ( I eat fish), so I love earth balance margarine. Once as a kid I went and ate a big bite of didn't taste as good as I thought it was going to be.


  2. Hi Pennie. Really, no idea where Nahum could have gotten the idea to dress up like a robot? I know a certain cousin with a C3PO costume who would be more than happy to take credit!

  3. Mmmmm, butter! I love love love butter! That's the one thing that the goats just can't provide for us. I think we're getting a cow very soon....I've have fresh cream and butter on my mind lately!
    I'm so glad you got to have a day spinning with your friends...and how fantastic and funny to be greeted by a robot when you returned home!
    Hooray for local dinners on Sundays!
    Sending love to you Pennie!

  4. Awesome, Pennie! Fresh butter is great when you have a cow, not so much when you need to purchase cream... Unless you bake with the buttermilk to take advantage of every little bit. I don't see where you linked to my post, but I am glad my decision to be more on top of things about local eating has inspired you! This is such a fun and important challenge!