Sunday, January 31, 2010

oh my gosh, i love winter!

can you imagine a place without snow?  i can't.  we have had an incredible winter this year with lots of snow (though mostly gone right now) and temperatures that have been quite lovely (i may just be a bit crazy).  and now before the new month (my birthday month-shameless plug!) begins i am going to show what we have been doing to keep busy and stay happy.  i know so many people that just let the winters drag them down...lack of light and sun, yes, i know is hard but holy is so amazing around these parts and i have found that spending several hours outside daily really, really helps!  i have been to the beach twice in the past two weeks and just sitting in the sun's warmth while the kiddos run around and play in the sand and seaweed...almost as good as it gets right now!


  1. I am with you!
    snow shoeing, tobogganning, hiking, the icicles, the crystals, love it all. We get a lot of snow, winter lasting a long time so we embrace it, make the most of it. Our new favorite is nighttime snowshoe hikes with lanterns.
    Beautiful photos Pennie! especially by the water.
    I raise my mug of tea to you "to fun in the snow" :)

  2. beautiful pictures pennie. I think the winter is a great time to be at the beach or just be outdoors! Spring will come soon enough.
    Love, Kyndale

  3. What fun! I'd love to have the beach close enough to visit in the winter.