Saturday, January 2, 2010

the last bits of our holiday...

...but not the least bits by far!  here are the photos from around the day and beyond and actually, a bit before as well    ::the pillow nahum and i made for gram and pa ::the stacking men that rick made for luke ::gaga and nahum ::sprinkling reindeer dust ::reading 'twas the night before christmas on the night before christmas ::christmas morning and day and night ::a photo nahum took of our tree just before we took it down...  


and that is the end of posting about christmas for me.  i am ready to move beyond the holidays into this month of just being...although i hope to pop in one photo of the sawzall that rick made for nahum because it is so perfect!  anyway... i just cleaned, nope, straightened the all purpose room.  gone are the heaps of christmas and chanukkah and birthday craft mess and now i can begin to make a new one!  i have some new waldorf babies to makecurtains to make, and i did just promise nahum today i would make him a police or fireman dress up coat.  so i am already the vest and the new promise of learning to knit mittens and i must must wash some fiber.  okay.  enough.


  1. Um that is some snow giant! I have to laugh at the Ithaca is Gorges shirt. We are huge fans of Ithaca. We love to go camping there, to the Green Star Co op, and my little brother goes to college there now. It is such a great town with amazing waterfalls.


  2. I love the fabulous snow person, and the sweet photo of your littlest guy standing on that package! : ) I too am feeling like just 'being' in this new year and new month.