Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a day (or two) in the life (with rhythm!)...

after almost a full week with our new rhythm in place life is moving along much more peaceful and so much smoother than before.  it has been hardest on me, keeping up with the rhythm i set before us!  somethings are adjusted as needed (with a baby...they have to be!) because i refuse to wake anyone up just to get on with the next part of our day.  after two days nahum was anticipating what part of the day came next and while all the transitions weren't tear free...there was almost no mean mama.  breakfast times are still rushed and a bit stressful but once we are homeschooling (right now my friend and i have a very small nursery school that we have to be at by 8 am) we won't have to worry about this (my new favorite thing to look forward to for homeschooling-among others-but seriously no morning rushes will be a welcome part to our life!).  

lets see...oh yeah, the afternoons have been so much fun!  we come home right from school or m.'s house and have lunch and then i put zevy to nap.  nahum either paints or plays quietly (and he is pretty good about not coming in to show me or ask me anything!) while i get zev to sleep.

then nahum and i play or craft and i clean up from lunch.  or we make a snack for when zev gets up together.  then...zev wakes up, we snack and head outside for a long romp in the snow.  

nahum usually stays outside until rick comes home, i have to go inside to start dinner.  yesterday i left zev and nahum out there together while i cooked in rolled up snowpants (boots waiting by the door), gloves, wool sweater and a hat, just in case i was needed:)  but they were such a great team.  nahum hauled zev around in his sled and claimed they were worker men together and insisted that zev was really helping him (although he can't really move once bundled and he just sat in his sled watching nahum).  today...nahum dumped zev out of the sled and continued on with his work.  i heard zev crying and went outside to find him face down, trying to get up...sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.  i felt so bad for both of them.  zev was cold and nahum felt horrible after i explained to him he just needed to come get me, next time!  

i have even managed to wind a ball of yarn and wash some goat fiber for this next monday's dye session with my neighbor and my mom.  i can't believe how extraordinarily lovely and soft the mohair came out.  it is so awesome!!  i carded some, left some just as is, and hand teased some so i could do some test dyeing to see which i like best and what it all ends up looking like!  i can't wait.  thanks to sara, we will be using the greener shades dyes!  hopefully, i will have some lovely fiber to share once we do it!   



  1. Your days look a bit like ours. The ins and outs and loving and learning together.

    So glad the rhythms are forming. Young children do like the consistency.

    We are working on that at our home with both mom and dad needing to work on our handwork.

    Many thanks for sharing. Tonya

  2. Yay for rhythm. I was up early today and ready to give ours a go. I'm so happy to hear it has helped you so much. My older kids are sleeper in ers, but I can still be up and starting our day. If I'm more centered I think I can help them to get on track. I love zev all bundled. He is so cute. I love when they are a bit old enough to be a little out of reach while we get done something. Older siblings are the best for that.


  3. I am so glad to hear your daily rhythm is working out! It always helps to have something in place and allow yourself to be flexible! Thanks for sharing a peak into your life!

  4. What a lovely peek at a sweet life. I love the dye pot photo. Your kiddos get right in there. This is what life is all about!

  5. Pennie,
    Your yarn looks incredible. I love that photo of the pile of's so fluffy and soft looking! Look at little Zev standing up! What cuties your little boys are!
    Well....I hope you have an awesome time spinning with your friends, and dyeing with your Mama!
    Take care Pennie!