Thursday, December 17, 2009

my best gals and our TEN kids!!

a couple of weeks ago some of my dearest friends and i were able to get together for a crazy day with all of our children (ages 5ish months up to 7 years...).  and i mean crazy in a wonderful way, naturally.  exhausting, though. 

anyway.  there was lots and lots of fun, tears, squeals, and food to be had by all.  the hardest part of the day was after dinner packing overtired children into a car for a bit of a drive home.  especially when two of the three stayed awake for all but five minutes of the ride.  here's hoping to many, many more crazy adventures like this one!

and on that note...we are out of here tomorrow morning very early to head down to the land of jersey for ten days.  all of the gift making is done and packed (i hope!).  i brought along with me some knitting and embroidery gear in hopes to work on a project that has no deadline!!  happy holidays and happy solstice!   


  1. Have a safe and FUN trip Pennie! Love, Kyndale

  2. Sounds like a fun day!! I am sure the kids just loved well as the adults of course. Have a great trip and happy holidays to you!!

  3. Where in NJ (if that is the land of jersey your are referring to)? Have a fun trip!


  4. I am sooo looking forward to another crazy and exhausting play day with you all! Let us know when you are home and settled enough to have some company. Have a happy, restful visit in Jersey. Love, Deidre

  5. Chaos but So wonderful! Happy holidays to you! Hope you had a lovely time in jersy! I'm from there, myself.