Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the festival of lights

it is chanukkah now.  for a few more days anyway.  nahum and zev are those boys, they celebrate both chanukkah and christmas.  lucky.  or that is what i thought as a child growing up (how selfish and greedy of me-oh well).  as a parent, um, not so lucky it means preparing for gifts for basically the entire month of december (chanukkah follows the hebrew calendar and therefore is not always on the same day on our calendar each year).  we do not give the boys elaborate gifts for eight days.  on some nights nahum has a special treat or chanukkah gelt (little chocolate coins).  but one night we do head over to my parents house for a little festive evening.  we eat latkes (potato pancakes)-which disappeared before even one photo was snapped...mmmm!  open some gifts.  hang out.  this year we played some dreidel.  then we head home.  nothing over the top but a sweet evening that kicks off nahum's gift receiving extravaganza.  he was a bit gift obsessed the other night...he would open a gift, toss it aside and ask for more.  quite the change from the previous year.  but the next morning when i came down the steps he was wearing his new scarf, new slippers, and excitingly setting up the play stands that papa made with zev's new silkies and zev!

(umm...okay i chose the best one of myself...oops, sorry boys!) 
(how did my little one get so big as to be able cook all by himself?!)
(papa made walnut play stands!!!)
(zevy the great and his amazing balancing act)
(zevy the great and his amazing disappearing act-silkies made by friend and local storytime extraordinaire, anne)
(new scarf by friend at anabelfuzz)
(zevy the great trying, trying to open his gift)
(still trying)
(sucess!-fair trade school bus from fair trade winds in bar harbor)
(the silhouettes i made for my parents, although they were on a different background and in walnut and pine frames that rick made-but who would think to take a picture of that?!  rick also made several brass candle holders, a wooden mountain puzzle toy for zev, and i made a cloth ball stuffed with wool for zev-but again why take all those pictures?!  i will hopefully post pictures of those soon...after i take them that is!)

well...that is about all of my words for now...off for more gift making and packing and organizing.  


  1. What great playstands. The dark wood is so beautiful!
    Happy Holidays Pennie!

  2. The sillouettes are a wonderful idea! I love the playstands, too. What a loving, warm home you have created for your family. :)

  3. Your comment about choosing the best picture of yourself made me laugh! I always do that to my poor goofy looking kids! I love those playstands! Quite unique and beautiful!

  4. Something else we have in common--we're a "blended" family too:-)

    I almost wrote Happy Chanukkah the other day with your dreidel & peanut pic, but I wasn't sure, so I'll say it now...Happy Channukah!

    Sounds like you have some beautiful family traditions that your boys will cherish forever. What beautiful gifts you've made for them too--Leaningapple Workshop sure has been busy!!!

    Happy holiday business to you all!

    PS I LOVE the Waldorf doll at your shop:-)

  5. Wonderful playstands! And those sillouettes are beautiful!