Monday, November 9, 2009

winter garden goodness!

i had almost forgotten what we started...or rather that we started anything at all in the greenhouse until the other day and i cannot believe how much our little greens have grown.  we started winter lettuce mix, spinach, and mache (which has not really done much).  the greens and spinach are looking lovely and will be ready for eating before too long.  i am looking forward to eating some fresh salad from our farm in november and december (we don't usually eat salad greens again until the spring so this is quite the treat). 

...and in the hopes of getting outside wednesday night for a lantern walk i have created a scene for our nature table to show nahum what we will be doing.  wednesday is martinmas, a festival to celebrate our inner light as we head into the winter/dark season. (there is more to it...go google it!)  we will be making lanterns in school that we will be using for our little walk. 
(i may add another friend or something else but i am not sure...)


  1. Oh those greens look wonderful...a little bunny ( we think) ate all of ours up just as they were showing signs of life:-(

    Oh well, we still have broccoli, kale, and tons of chard, so we're getting our greens:-)

    Love the beautiful picture, & wish you a beautiful night for your Martinmas walk!!

  2. Oh my gosh!....We have totally slacked on our winter plantings...those greens look awesome! I actually BOUGHT lettuce today....gross!
    Your needle felting looks amazing...I LOVE that little scene! Makes me want to needle felt a little!
    Love from Sara

  3. I long for a green house garden! And what an adorable felted scene!

  4. Excellent greens mama!
    Your needle felted scene is incredible, I love it so much! Martinmas is a favorite celebration of ours too, enjoy your walk! : )

  5. I love your needle felted picture! Beautiful and inspiring! Glad you found the time to get it down. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    (oh yeah, those greens are pretty inspiring too!)