Thursday, November 5, 2009

welcoming november

i do love the month of november.  there are not many obligations.  my work has settled down.  i return to the outdoors with my children bundled for the winds and occasional flurry.  i love the feeling as my cheeks turn red with cold.  i love the sounds of crunching leaves.  i love the sight of my children in their woolens and fleeces with their own red cheeks.  

my mother and father have been away for one week and one day and will not return until next thursday.  we have therefore been blessed with gemma.  she is a five year old australian shephard.  with lots and lots of energy.  she forces us out of doors when it is sleeting:)  although, by the time we make it to the walk we had driven through the storm to sunny skies.  we have been on five walks with her (and they are not easy!!). i have ditched the camera for the last couple as she is a bit rambunctious and it takes a lot of attention so she doesn't pull my arm out of its socket:)  but here are some of our walks with her both near where we live and down on the island.  ( she went swimming, rolled in the dirt repeatedly and then proceeded to sit in both nahum's car seat and the one we keep in the car for little m..  nahum's is in the wash now since it was soaking wet and smelly...aaaaaaahhhh gemmma how we love you.) 

p.s.  tonight i watched most of mary poppins with nahum.  he doesn't watch much t.v. (maybe only once a month...if that?!) and only the past couple of times will he sit through to beyond the credits (in the beginning).  tonight as we settled into one of my favorites i enjoyed watching his face smile and body move along with the show. he only wanted to see the rooftop scene since i had told him about that up front.  we ended up forwarding to it since he told me his eyes were burning and he wanted to go to bed:)   


  1. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! Happy November to you!

  2. Love the fall pictures of our old walking route! Great to talk with you this morning, always just great....Love, Deidre.

  3. oh what beautiful pictures! happy november!

  4. Beautiful photos & thoughts on November!!

    We LOVE Mary Poppins around here:-) We listen to the cd soundtrack all the time, and have our own version of the rooftop song:-)

    A good day to go fly a kite'll have to get to the end of the movie for that scene;-)

  5. I think I'm in love with Maine! It looks incredible!
    I hope you have a great weekend Pennie!
    Love, Sara

  6. Hi Pennie, It looks like a beautiful and cold day in Maine. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    xo Kyndale

  7. I'd like it all a lot more if I could find where I stored all my hats and mittens. sad face.