Sunday, November 15, 2009

our really homegrown, homemade weekend.

friday night...


(the idea for these super wonderful beeswax ornaments came from gardenmama's blog...for the complete how to, go check it out!)

homemade noodles (by rick) for a homegrown and local feast which included a lobster (from just down the street) and noodle main course with our own leeks and carrots and the foraged chantrelles from this summer .  our garden fresh kale with some of the freshly smoked (by rick!!) ham (our own) sauteed in some oil.  we ended the meal with a pumpkin and apple (both ours) pie sweetened with our own maple syrup.  we were all in heaven over this meal as it was a first for everything but the pie!  

we lit this meal with one of our freshly made beeswax candles!  what a great weekend spent creating and sustaining with my family at home:) 
p.s.  and look what has already started to arrive.  yikes, already.  we still have tender young greens in our greenhouse and now we must begin to think about next growing season already?!  yippee...


  1. Seriously?!?

    Haw awesome is all of, I am truly in awe of all of you and your wonderful homegrown homemade family weekend!!!

    I told Nicole I wanted to try the beeswax candles & ornaments week after the fair, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving!

    Wow Pennie, really, I think this is so wonderful, I'm sending a link to my honey & adding it to my making me smile list (cause it is :-)

    I'll probably be scarce around these parts this week, so wishing you much joy in the coming days!


  2. YUM. What a wonderful, restorative, FUN weekend! We've got our chunks of beeswax ready, but have yet to make our ornaments. Seeing yours is an inspiration:) And that pasta looks so good. Do you use a handcranked machine or just roll it by hand?

  3. LOVE Homemade and Homegrown! Looks like a weekend I would thouroughly enjoy! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Hey....that looks like my guitar, is it a Taylor? What a fantastic weekend you had! I just love the beeswax ornaments that you made, and all of the homemade, home grown goodness that you have going on in your life! (Why can't we be neighbors!!)
    love from sara!

  5. All your pictures look so cozy and warm. I really would like to make those ornaments too. Now, I just have to find some beeswax, local if possible. My husband is the pasta maker in the house too. I just love your wide noodles, especially if lobster comes with it! Yum!! It's so great to see you eating all your homegrown stuff, and yes, I've been thinking about my garden too. xo Kyndale

  6. What an incredible weekend. Homemade and handmade is best.
    Warm wishes.