Wednesday, November 11, 2009

martinmas and our lantern walk

well we did it.  we had our lantern walk.  it was so sweet...rick and nahum and zev and i.  a few years ago we went to a little festival but there were none that i knew of this year.  today at school we made our lanterns.  we went with the glass jar and tissue paper version since i felt the watercolor paper lantern would not last as long here at our house.  plus, nahum has grand plans for his lantern and its use year round so i figured it needed to be something sturdy.  we even used it this evening to take our dog out, rather than a flashlight.  anyway, the past few days at school i have been singing, i go outside with my lantern, for the children and telling them stories of lanterns and about st. martin.  it has been a lovely little festival to share with them.  nahum was able to tell rick about it this evening and i am so impressed that he was actually listening to me tell the stories. when we got home from school we pretended to have a lantern walk through the house since rick was still home for his lunch break.  and then while we waited for it to get dark and rick to return home from the rest of his work day nahum needle felted while i worked on his homeschool journal (notes and ideas for next year) and made applesauce.  it was a really sweet way to spend my afternoon.  the first picture is our little class with their lanterns from today.  and then our little family celebration follows.  the last picture is of the entire family with our lanterns in the reflection of a door.  



  1. Hello Pennie,
    Looks like a fun day! How nice to take a walk in the dark with lanterns. We took one tonight with my friend Renee (from Heirloom Seasons) and it made me think that we should take lantern walks more often! Gosh Nahum looks so big in that photo! Take care!
    love, sara

  2. Hi Pennie,
    I wish I could try and incorporate these beautiful traditions at our home. Your pictures are awesome. I don't see why we couldn't make lanterns and use them more often all year around.
    xo Kyndale