Wednesday, November 18, 2009

creating keeps me sane!

this is not such a new revelation but one i *discover* again and again.  the past few tuesdays i have been heading down to my neighbor's house just after we finish dinner to work on some of my projects.  it is time where i can enjoy a hot cup of tea (not one that i have poured hours before) and spin or knit or felt but mostly spin.  we chat and work on our projects and talk about what we would like to do with our wool or fabric.  (she is my wool supply for the dolls that i make.  it is the extra that comes off the feeding wheel of her drum carder.)  she also has an incredible space dedicated to her stash...i mean her crafting.  it is such a quiet house.  so peaceful.  anyway...the day after i am there i always feel so much happier and peaceful.  i feel like i can really attend to my kids.  my patience lasts longer.  i also tend to work on more and more throughout the week to attain that feeling on other days as well.  it is a jump start to my inspiration board and project list.  last night i was able to complete one bobbin of yarn which isn't much but just enough to make me happy. 
 (this is the only photo i took...i was too busy spinning and drinking hot tea!)

at our school i have been more daring with the projects i do with the children.  on tuesdays when there are only 3 (and little zevy, of course) children total, including nahum, i have been trying some new projects with them.  this past tuesday we made stuffed corn pillows for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday.  inspired by the book the creative family i intended to make stuffed traced hand turkeys. but once at school that day, i realized that two of the three children were vegetarians and it didn't seem right to make a turkey for the center of their table when they didn't eat meat.  so in mid sentence i switched it to corn and we still got to trace our hands!  i traced each of their hands for the corn stalk part and then drew a basic corn shape for them to decorate as they pleased.  i used canvas that i had in my stash leftover from the college days of art and painting.  i brought in my fabric crayons that i had bought eons ago but never used (but really wanted to!) and a small container of embroidery floss and some sewing needles.  i also brought my iron to set the crayon on the fabric.  our project took forever but came out so super cute.  after they decorated their corn they sewed around the edge, stuffed it with sheep wool, finished sewing it up and voila!  before they sewed it up i asked what they were thankful for and wrote it on the back.

 (i know they hardly look like corn...but really it was a last minute switch from the turkey.  and anyway they are heartbreaking-ly cute in my opinion!  i love the all pink.  but really i am just so proud that they all did their best and it was two of the kiddos first time sewing!)

so now...after a very long post i must get on with my work.  currently (i just finished another waldorf soft baby) i am working on my season's round package for send off here in the near future! 


  1. oh mama, are these ever sweet! And I love that you could go with the flow so quickly-- I'm not sure I would have thought that fast!

    And the top part of your post totally resonated with me. I have been neglecting that mama recharge time lately, and I can feel the difference in my patience levels, my energy levels, well, all my levels really! What a gift to have a neighbor's house to drift away to-- the ability to create and sip tea and chat in a house that isn't thundering with noise is such a treat. I may have to go knocking on doors around here the see if I can find such a haven;)

  2. I think this is how even better projects happen.. when we are willing to fit the needs of others. I love how they turned out. Your roving is wonderful, how great to have that time with a friend who is so special and inspiring.
    Have a good day and happy spinning!

  3. I think what keeps me sane is being creative. It almost gives me a purpose...Other than my children. It's also such a challenge to finsh a project. What a nice thing to hang out with your neighbor and spin and drink. It sounds insanely relaxing.

    xo Kyndale

  4. Ooooo...that yarn looks incredible! I love the colors Pennie!

  5. I love it! Can you recommend some craft activities to do with an 18 month old? My son loves to handle pens and markers and various kinds of materials, but I want to do some sort of fun craft activity with him. I know he is a bit young.