Tuesday, October 20, 2009

winter gardening...sure why not!

we planted some winter greens in our greenhouse as an experiment (one we are hoping proves positive!).  we planted some swiss chard, mache, winter lettuce mix and spinach.  we planted it about a month or so ago and here are some of the progress photos.  the wheat is still growing although so are the weeds (still).  i am afraid that is about all on the gardening front.  we still have some great fall/winter crops in the garden.  our carrots must come out soon.  and we have awesome brussels to eat.  beets, still there.  so i guess there is some work to be done (isn't there always).

 in kid news...here is nahum's work in the fall...

p.s.  here is what we do in the restaurant world when it ends for the season...play and have fun!  does this restaurant look familiar to anyone?!



  1. I certainly like the sounds of winter gardening!
    Your photos make me miss our greenhouse, your seedlings look lovely! We are almost ready to harvest Brussels sprouts, my absolute favorite I could literally eat them everyday! We still have so much work in the gardens to get done, it seems I am feeling a bit too cozy sitting in front of the woodstove with handwork in hand : ) Enjoy these beautiful autumn days Pennie!

  2. Hi Pennie,
    It sounds like you have the same things in your garden as we do right now. We still have not planted our winter greens...need to do that this week!!!!! Your sprouts look wonderful...much better than store bought!

  3. Pennie, I am having trouble posting on your blog!! I think it's a open-id problem!

  4. kyndale...i have had that problem with open id before on other blogs...i just use my typepad login because it got to be so frusterating.

  5. Hi Pennie! I wish you much success with your winter gardening! We do not have a greenhouse, so the season is pretty much over for us, except for 3 tomato plants which we are now keeping inside. Someday though we will definitely have a greenhouse and try for some winter crops.
    I am going to have to add you to my list of following blogs now, I keep missing out here. I hope you are feeling a little more peace these days, I really understand so much of what you went through last week.
    Thank you for willing to share your thoughts.
    Renee xo