Tuesday, October 27, 2009



tonight we enjoyed our homegrown food in the form of potato leek soup (with carrots too), fresh steamed beets, peas, and homemade cornbread.  it was lovely.  i made dinner while nahum danced about and zev found that being a one babe audience is quite special sometimes...


  1. Pennie, your sepia tone photos are gorgeous they truly look like you took a step back in time... you totally described my 'dream' meal : ) I am so in love with making soup and corn bread these days, must be the chill in the air! The photo of your husband and little one is amazing, your wee babe looks like a sweet cherub, so very adorable!
    Many warm wishes xo

  2. I love these little peeks into your house! So much goodness always going on over there! Glad to hear that you are still eating from the garden!

  3. o, what sweet photos.
    Your little one in that cute hat while the Papa plays music, your wood stove, your wonderful dinner. I am glad you stopped at Bee House, now I can read about you!

  4. What a wonderful evening! Hope you have been enjoying ever more family time.
    Renee :)