Friday, October 9, 2009

a rare night at home with everyone

with the end of the working season upon us i have been picking up shifts whenever i can.  my next night at home with my family for a meal will be october 19.  i can not wait.  this past wednesday was the first night in a long time we were all home and we all prepared our meal together.  nahum and i made an apple pie (from the first of our apples off the leaning apple tree!) while eating one of our favorite snacks, popcorn with nutritional yeast, oil, and coarse salt.  when rick got home he made the soup and potato cakes.  

last weekend i was able to adjust part of our living space for the shift inside and so we were able to eat at our *winter* dining area which happens to be right next to the wood stove. 

now if we could just find time to clean the chimney and stack the wood...

p.s.  here is a picture of our is quite cute right now...hope it keeps growing:)


  1. Sometimes with soccer and 4-H and yoga, I feel like we never eat dinner together. I have been trying really hard to make it special to eat together. I love all the pictures and the wheat IS very cute! Have a great weekend! October 19th seems very far away but I hope it goes quickly,

  2. You have a beautiful family Pennie, your home always looks so warm and inviting! Our eating table will be moved very soon in front of the wood stove too! We have it going right now and are talking of stacking and chopping more wood in the morning... it never seems to be done! : ) And yes, the wheat is very cute indeed! Many warm wishes to you!

  3. Hi Pennie,
    I love all the colors and the natural beauty of your looks so cozy! I have to say that we love popcorn with nutritional yeast too...and that apple pie is a familiar scene as well...yum! Enjoy your weekend together and I hope you are feeling all better!
    Love, Sara