Friday, October 30, 2009

on halloween eve...

we carved our pumpkins...finally.  here they are in all their glory.  tomorrow nahum will be playing the role of froggy clown who works on trains...we'll see what that ends up looking like.  all i know is that we have a brand new train conductor's hat and he wants green polka dots on his face, *like froggy*.  zev will be playing the role of ... wait ... pumpkin.  and mama will be attending rocky horror...sweet!  have a safe and sticky halloween! 


  1. Hello Miss Pennie!
    What awesome pumpkins you folks carved! I hope you enjoy Halloween! It's way too cold here!....there will definitely be no trick or treating here! I told the kids that we will bake some yummy treats instead! Can you believe there's a foot of snow on the ground?!

  2. Oh, I love the pumpkins!! The one with the peg people is very creative! I hope you had a fun Halloween! Smiles, Kyndale

  3. Hey you!!
    I've missed you! I keep coming back to catch up, always with a monkey or two occupying me in some way, but they're all asleep now:-)

    Love the pumpkins and hope you had a great time doing the time warp again;-)

    Happy November (can you believe it?!?)