Friday, October 16, 2009

life moves on...

thank you to all who commented on that last post or sent an email.  it was a very personal post and i wrote it because i know i am not alone (no matter what i think:)) and i know that most can relate to those moments and feelings.  if i thought i was the only person who had those experiences, i definitely would not have shared...right?!  well life moves on and i only have one double thursday!  

back to what is happening here in farmland.  or rather what happened last weekend!  we planted the garlic!  yeah the first (or i guess this year the second-wheat was first) veg in the ground for next years eating!  i love planting the garlic.  it is one of my favorite garden crops (roasted garlic...mmmm...) and one less item to buy at the market.  this year we planted only two varieties, the two that rick thinks grow the best.  we had been planting three or four but we decided to stick with what gives the best and longest storage.  we all helped out with this project.  zevy tested the garlic to make sure it was indeed something he could fit into his mouth.  yes.  i separated the cloves (with some help from nahum) while papa made the holes.  then he and nahum filled each one.  nahum all the while telling me exactly how to plant them after hearing rick tell him the same thing just moments before.  he is such a funny guy, that nahum.  

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  1. Hi Pennie,
    Sorry I missed your post yesterday....sorry you had such a crappy happens...and you got through....and your boys know how much you love them....and sometimes it feels good to cry!
    I LOVE that we were planting garlic together...and using the very same homemade tool! I had to show my husband!
    Sending love from Colorado