Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

i feel a little sheepish right now...accepting this award but since sara from over at Farmama thought i was worthy i am going to play by the rules and pass it on:)  sara is almost all the way across the country, living and working on her farm raising her four!! kiddos and taking us along with her as she beautifully photographs her days as a farm mama, goat milker, wool spinner, knitter and crafter.  but don't just take my word for it...go visit (if you haven't already!!).  and thank you sara!

Here's what Kreativ Blogger Award recipients are supposed to do:
1. Copy the award to your site.
2.Link to the person to whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
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.....and you are also to list 7 things about yourself.

seven things about myself...starting with seven, the number, i love it.  actually, i love odd numbers in general but 7 and 33 happen to be my favorite.   how much do i love them...well, when i set an alarm or a kitchen timer it always has to be set to an odd number.  my wedding date 5.3.8.  i tried to have my kids born in odd numbered years but zevy just didn't cooperate he was five hours too early...the little bugger.  stereo numbers are set to odd numbers for the volume control...and if i haven't scared anyone away yet...

i am apprenticing to be a midwife.  well i am taking a year off due to the birth of zevy but...i have been apprenticing for a total of 4 years or so.  i love it.  it is super hard leaving life and family behind for an undetermined amount of time but every time i watch a woman work her hardest to bring her new baby into the world...i feel peace and awe and wonder how could i not be here. 

my dream job is to be a housewife.  i know.  crazy.  but i would love to quit all side jobs (aside from midwifery!) and strap on my apron to cook, clean, garden, spin wool and of course be mama to my kids full time!!  year round.  someday...(when we no longer need money-it could happen, right?!).

i am short.  only 5 foot.  

my husband and i attempt to grow and make as much food as we consume.  at this time we are able to produce all the meat (except for beef) we need, we do not need to buy ketchup, maple syrup, jams.  most all of our veggies are our own (some years we do have to buy onions and garlic, some years we don't).  we never buy peas or beans.  hopefully our carrots will last a long time this year.  when we go to the grocery store it is for dairy, mostly and grains and flour...stuff like that.  which is why...we want to own a bigger farm to raise our own butter making friends...COWS!!  fresh milk, yogurt, cheese...yup...hopefully one day!  and bees...we need bees. 

i have one younger brother.  rick has one brother and one sister.  we have six boy cousins from his side of the family and us.  we own two of them...nahum who is four and micah zev (zev) who is 9 months right now!  i want another.  

i am not a native mainer.  nope.  born in philly and started life in jersey before i arrived in maine.  i didn't even know what a farm or garden was until i met my husband some years ago (maybe seven or so...).  (not entirely true but...if it weren't for him...i wouldn't be here now!) seven bloggers that inspire me...sara can not be included since she just sent it to me...i am going to put the same disclaimer on mine as she did hers...if you don't want to do worries!!  

one. michelle at earthycrafty, fellow new englander who grows her own food, raises three boys, knits when she has time and is a sweet sweet woman!!  

two. country mouse and her new digs, nest hive burrow, she is a super smart lady, mama, bestest friend from forever!, and i have been meaning to link her new blog for awhile...go read and learn about energy efficiency and her new quest...

three. nicole over at gardenmama...her photos and her words...really that is all i can say, just go. 

four. kyndale at earthy crunchy.  i love seeing what she and her family is up to from camping and homeschooling to growing their own food and she always seems so positive about life in general! 

five. nicole at frontier dreams. i have just begun to read this blog but i am hooked. it was traveling across the oregon trail to make her new home, waldorf living, and the lovely photos...that  captured my interest!  

and that is where i end...i don't read a lot of blogs on a regular basis...i don't have the time right now.  i do pop in and out of a lot does everyone keep up with it all?!   


  1. Dear Pennie,
    When I read your heartfelt words about becoming a midwife, it gave me chills up and down my arms! You are meant to do this! What an incredibly important and beautiful job! Many warm wishes to you as you take this journey! You are a special person Pennie, I always enjoy reading your posts. My family also tries to live a self sustainable life and it truly warms my heart to read about how sustainable you are living and how close you are with your husband and children. Thank you for your inspiration! I am honored that you thought of me to pass this award on to. That means alot coming from you!

  2. Hi Pennie! Thank you so much for nominating me. You are such a sweet Mama. I love what you write about on your blog and I really enjoy coming by and seeing what you are up to on the farm. I can't believe you have a side job too! Being a midwife must be an amazing job and very demanding. I would love to hear more about that when you get back into it. I aspire to be a housewife too! Hope you're having a beautiful day in Maine. Smiles, Kyndale

  3. Hi Pennie,
    I love that you are becoming a midwife...and that you dream of becoming a housewife and owning cows. I love that way across the country I have a friend in Maine who's living a very similar lifestyle! Good luck to you in everything you do!
    You have a friend in Colorado!
    Love, Sara

  4. Hi Pennie,
    Thank you so much for passing this award along to me, and for your sweet words!

    I loved reading more about you, and how you got where you are today. I, too grew up mostly in cities, and learned almost everything about gardening from my husband...with a little head start I got from a dear neighbor I had in my twenties.

    I think housewifery and midwifery are beautiful, noble ambitions and I wish you all success in everything you do!!

  5. How nice to read more about you and all the wonderful things that you do! You certainly do deserve the award from Sara. I knew she gave it to you or else I would have passed it on to you as well :)