Monday, October 12, 2009

cranberry picking

today nahum, zev, and i went cranberry picking.  it was a gorgeous fall day, cool in the mid 50's but with the bright sunshine it felt a lot warmer.  we went, as we have in the past, with our neighbors (the sheep owners!) to a secret location.  there are three bogs (no water anymore-i don't know who abandoned this project but thank you!)and we went picking in the third one.  we couldn't believe the abundance of berries.  i have never seen them so thick and plentiful and also so huge!  we picked and picked for almost two hours and left with probably over seven gallons (they got five and little ol' me got about two or so!).  there was of course the ever exciting pick the cranberries and toss them (nahum) to whoever will catch them (me or ed).  there was also the, see how many we can shove into our mouths (zev) and then chew them up and swallow them, game.  seriously, that boy ate cranberries for quite some time!  he loved them. we barely made a dent in the picking and were informed by another picker that they had picked a gray storage tub full the other day.  they were so thick around the edges that walking on the berries was inevitable.  we saw no wild life...and since it was before hunting season started...heard no gun shots (thankfully) but we still had some blaze orange just to be on the safe side.  we did see several lupine in bloom...which is quite odd, i think.  now...onto dreaming about cranberry related goodies, including cranberry sauce for thanksgiving.  

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  1. mmm. I love tart anything, and those cranberries must have been lots of tart! I loved looking at those pictures of Nahum in bog's years past, he still looked like a baby then!! Miss you all lots and lots! Love, Deidre

  2. I've never been cranberry picking! You folks in Maine have it good with all those blueberries and cranberries!!!!