Sunday, October 25, 2009

crafting corner and holiday planning

now that i can breathe again, i have begun the task of re-organizing.  pulling out the outgrown clothes and putting away the swimsuits to make room for fleece pants and woolens.  the six storage bins have been mostly organized and put back in the attic (after two months of me tripping over them in the boys room).  my laundry which hadn't been put away since august is now shelved and neat.  i can walk into my bedroom without being disgusted, the boys room without being disgusted and the living room without being disgusted.  i never realize how many clothes we all have until they are literally on every surface we own.  i have a huge bag waiting to go to good will next trip into the big city:)  clothes that zevy grew out of approximately 8 months ago are being returned to their true owners tomorrow:)  it feels good.  oh and rick managed to stack all of the firewood.  and i cleaned and organized the front porch.  in the process of all of this i managed to make nahum an art corner and re do the nature table!!  all of our art supplies are now in the bureau (instead of on the fridge!) which makes it so much easier to get at! 

...and all of this (cleaning and space making) happens in order to prepare for holiday gift making and holiday crafting.  rick has made so many toys for nahum and his cousins.  every year he makes each of them something.   i want to share some of the wonderful toys that rick has made in the past years.

the first one is the rocking boat he made his nephew owen (back in 2005).  the second and the third are from this summer.  one was the impromptu chainsaw (after months of begging for a plastic one just like a. has...well...nahum loves his version) and the table saw that rick made for him for his birthday this year.  if you push on the *blade* it goes down so it can *really* cut!  the final two are actually not made by rick but by his father (woodcraft and skill definitely run in the family...grandfather, father, rick, and now nahum!) a couple of years ago.  he plays with these all of the time.  constantly.  there is also a little wooden exacto knife that is usually with nahum at all times:)  (i will have to continue this post with more handmade gifts another time or this one will never end and you all will be asleep before you can finish...) 

well, this was quite the post from one subject to the next.  i am signing off...


  1. Hi Pennie!
    How nice it feels to organize! When my house gets too messy I feel like I can't think! We just got rid of 11 big trash bags full of to the thrift! What a great feeling!
    Those toys Rick made are absolutely unbelievable! That rocking boat....are you kidding!....awesome!! What talented folks you are! I hope you had a great weekend!
    Love, Sara

  2. Hi Pennie : )
    I am picking my jaw up off the floor now after looking at such incredible woodworking! Can we beg Rick to open an Etsy shop for Christmas!?!? I will be first in line! My grandfather was a fine cabinetmaker, when he passed away I scooped up some wood shavings from the floor of his shop to keep in a small mason jar in his memory. The smell of the wood is how I remember him with sawdust on his flannel jackets. I can imagine your sweet boys will also have incredible memories of their papa making their toys pouring forth love into each step! I am happy to read your words, it sounds like you are in a good place, it feels really good to clean, organize and get rid of clothing! You have left me inspired : )

  3. Wow, those wooden toys are amazing!
    I am glad you are able to breathe again. Isn't it nice to have an organized home? Really helps with the peaceful and creative feelings.
    I love your nature table... great little pumpkin!

  4. let's see if this works...I love the boat!

  5. Wow! Those toys are unbelievable. I liked what Nicole said about him opening up a shop. While I was reading I was thinking they have got to sell these, this is perfect for Otto! Talent I say.. wow!