Monday, October 19, 2009

apples...from picking to pressing

this first shot is from the rooftop as rick prepared to clean our chimney.  i love looking at it all from above (the goats wouldn't fit).  next year i am going to make him go up in the summer when it is sunny and *full* looking:)

last weekend we picked our apples.  we have four trees on our property that we pick from (and six or so that we need to prune and find our way to...someday).  

yesterday we pressed them.  we were joined by some friends for the occasion.  they were taking the adult road and using the cider to make applejack and mead...we took the g rated version and are swigging cider by the cup full in leaning apple land.  we also will be making applesauce and freezing some sliced apples for pies and breads and muffins this winter. 

p.s. it snowed.


  1. Hi Pennie!
    Your little farm is so wonderful. I love the little glimpses that you share! That apple press is super and your sweet boys making sour funny! What a good time and a good day on the farm! Someday I hope we will have an apple press here at our farm!
    Much love from,

  2. Oh so lovely to see your cider press! We have an orchard press that has yet to see apples this year, very soon! Last year we enjoyed fresh cider and hard cider. So sweet to see your goat! I am currently reading "Goat song" Your farm looks beautiful and I love your little guy's face : )

  3. I think that Nahum looks like Josh in one of those pictures. Never seen it before, maybe it was his goofy face (no offense Josh!). Love and miss you all, Deidre.

  4. This is so wonderful. You have a beautiful life! I love those little overalls by the way, what a little cutie!