Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the wheat is planted...

**hey check this out... ...we are famous!  (not really...but hey rick did a great job with this!!!)

rick just informed me that he and nahum planted the wheat already.  bummer.  because i was not there to pester him with the camera which would have been significant since this will be the first time we have ever tried to grow wheat.  oh well.  hopefully i can get some photos of it throughout its various growing stages.  the wheat will be harvested sometime next summer.  why are we trying to grow wheat?  good question.  one of those moments in life when discussing cover crops i said something like...can we grow wheat?  how cool would that be?  if we grew our own wheat and then ground it into flour and baked the bread and ate it...that would be quite awesome and so we have wheat in the ground. 

what else...seasons shifting all around now.  

the pumpkins came out of the garden as well as the lima beans.

we have some great looking kale, and brussels.  the late broccoli is getting there.  we have a ton of carrots and beets.  swiss chard.  leeks.  when we return from the fair i will pull my basil (before the frost gets it-because i know that will be right around the corner) and make more pesto and dry some as well.  we also hope to plant some winter greens in the greenhouse...if we can find some seed at the fair, that is.  

and perhaps the best part of shifting seasons...our spinners met for the first time already this season!  i brought my camera but in the excitement of actually spinning without children i forgot to take some photos and this one of the car all loaded and ready to go was all i got:)  oh well...there will be other times!!


  1. Hi Pennie,
    How great! I love this.....if only you weren't all the way across the country! I bet your wheat will be huge! We live in a dry place where it barely rains.....but our wheat cover crop still gets really tall. And it stays really green till late July. In this desert climate it looks like a lush lawn in contrast to the dry sagebrush on the other side of the fence. How nice that you have a spinning I'd love to join you!
    Happy Harvest,

  2. I enjoyed hearing about your planting and harvesting, how lovely to be planting wheat! I grind my own grains but have never grown them myself, it sounds just perfect! I look forward to hearing more about your spinning adventures, wool is a dear friend of mine too! : ) enjoy your time!

  3. Oh your harvest sounds wonderful, especially pumpkins & WHEAT!!! We always plant winter rye, but wheat is on the (long) list for our future homestead. Right now we live on under an acre, but we do a ton with it. I think we'd need a good field just for wheat to keep up with our demands (lots of hungry boys--just wait till yours get a little older ;-)

    That article was great, and the photo of your farm is beautiful! If you don't mind, how much land do you live on/farm?

    Oh, and I've never spun (other than at a fair) and SOOOOO want to get a wheel...and some sheep...someday...

    Looking forward living vicariously through you with your spinning adventures this winter!!