Thursday, September 17, 2009

sshhhh...don't post number one hundred...the rest of everything else...

as if the summer isn't busy enough, the fall had to compete for the busiest time of year title, and apparently has won.  in a short list here is what we have been doing these past couple of weeks.  
**family.  lots of it.  both sides.  his parents.  his sister and family.  my brother and his girlfriend.  all of it lovely lovely lovely but..busy.  fitting in visiting during this crazy time has been somewhat dizzying.  

**birthdays.  two of them.  my father.  our son.  one turned four and the other well a bit more than four.  both occasions were great with one being a little heavier on the gifts and sweets.  

**a new adventure.  our nursery school.  little acorns.  first day, monday the twenty first. wish me luck.

**work.  lots of it.  more than before.  almost seven days a week right now.  exhausting.  soon it will end.  so will the money.  yikes.  
**blue hill fair.  the talk of possibly, maybe, someday adding a dairy goat or two into our flock of animals...

so...there we have it the abridged version of our life lately.  and if all goes well i will have a giveaway ready for the next post in celebration of number 101...not 100 because even numbers freak me out a bit. 


  1. You are so funny! Okay, the number 6 freaks me out, but shhh;-)

    Happy birthday again, Nahum...I love the way your "N" crown turned out! Happy birthday to grandpa too :-)

    Isn't fall crazy? Between harvesting, preserving, and all the birthday stuff my head is spinning too! This is the first year for us to have 3 b-days with only a couple of weeks between each, so I better turn off the computer again and just keep knitting (and boiling water to blanch things!!!)

    Happy autumn (almost :-)

  2. Oh yes, happy fun busy family life!
    Love the little bonnet, looks like a good one for autumn.
    So nice to hear from you this morning... I shall reply some time soon. or at least kind of soon :)

  3. oh, I started to leave a comment one time and my kids distracted me! Congrats on 100 posts! That's such a big deal and I hope for many many more. Fall is a very busy time for us too. We somehow make it through! Good luck with the nursery school!

  4. It's me Kyndale, I don't what's going on with the weird number thing!!

  5. It looks like the birthday celebrations were wonderful! Happy birthday to your sweet boy! I love the birthday flags and crown! Happy harvest to your family!