Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Harvest Update... troubles...i am going to post some pictures from nahum's birthday and from our visit with rick's family and the trip to the blue hill fair...but uploading the pictures has been frustrating me tonight.  so instead i will post about corn, onions and edamame!!  we froze 11 bags of corn this year, the first time we have ever put any away (usually we just eat it up...).  corn also happens to be nahum's most favorite veggie and he can usually be found eating it raw right after papa picks him one!! 

 we also froze the edamame (already blanched and shelled) and i am sure we had more than the three bags we got last year but in all the craziness of late i never asked rick how many he put in the freezer!  as far as freezers go, we have two, one for meats and the other for veggies and fruits.  plus we have the little one on top of the fridge which gets filled with a mixture of everything. and here is where i have to thank my husband whose patience outlasts mine by, well, a million trillion fold.  shelling edamame is royal pain.  but so worth it:)  so...thank you honey.  you are the best soybean sheller in the east.

and the onions...we got a lot this year!!  big, too.  it was perfect weather for onions in the beginning of the summer.  we had some of the largest ailsa craigs we have ever grown (yummy sweet onions...perfect for caramelizing and putting on homemade foccacia with fresh mozzarella, eggplant and tomatoes but anyway:)..;).  i will update the poundage once we weigh them.  hopefully they will last us all winter!

(we all know the last picture is of a pumpkin but they are growing very near the onions and there are (or were-we brought half as party favors for nahum's friends this year!) 14 of them...big and orange and lovely.  


  1. beautiful, beautiful photos!
    your onions are super huge and you harvested tons of them!! We harvested half of ours today and your descriptions of cooking with them yuuuummmm!!! : )That is an incredible idea for party favors, love that so much!

  2. Hi Pennie! I have never grown soybeans. Is there a difference between edamame and soy beans? Anyway, I love all the pictures. Your garden looks so beautiful. I love the corn too, and the onions and your pumpkin. Lots of goodness. Hope you're having a great day! Smiles, Kyndale

  3. Hi Pennie,
    How beautiful your garden is! What a great edamame crop. I'm impressed that you guys shelled them already.....I freeze them in the pod. Happy harvesting!

  4. What a wonderful harvest! We are still gardening on a fairly small scale, your pictures are inspiring! Pumpkins make me happy :)

  5. HI Pennie,
    Your harvest sounds wonderful!! Wow, 11 bags of corn...and the edamame and onions and pumpkins, all awesome:-)

    My boys love to eat the corn straight from the stalk's so fun when they have friends over who've never tried it like that, and then they become converts ;-)

    Happy, happy harvest time...can you believe the first frost is right around the corner?!? Looks like you'll be set for a well fed winter!