Monday, September 21, 2009

common ground country fair...

(i know i said i would have a giveaway all my business with the nursery school and other work i have yet to finish for my post number 101 i am going to go on and on about mofga and the common ground country fair)

mofga is the maine organic farmers and gardeners association.  they offer apprenticeships, conferences, pest reports, pricing reports and for members and farmers/gardeners they offer support for questions and really a whole lot more.  check them out at  

every year from forever ago until now (with a few misses while at college) i get to attend the best fair ever!  in unity, maine a whole weekend dedicated to green living, sustainable lifestyles, healthy eating, music, friends, vegetables, and really just pure fun.  it really is like recharging my batteries.  we go and check out the booths from composting toilets to cloth diapers and woolens, plenty of fiber booths (yes!!) and books on building straw bale houses.  pretty much everything you would want information on!!  and in order to secure a camping spot (at the edge of the parking area!) you must volunteer one four hour shift which also includes a free meal and t-shirt!!  this year i will be in the fleece tent and boy oh boy i cannot wait to look and touch all the great fiber.  so in short the common ground fair is about surrounding yourself with like-minded people and feeling great about all the positives that are actually happening in this world...some of them right down the road a ways!  here are some images from past fairs. 

(this was from nahum's first fair at about 2/3 weeks old.)

(these two are from 2007 in the children's area...)

(this last group is from last year when we camped with uncle joshy!!-sorry you can't be with us this year)

and that is that...happy fall! 


  1. I hope to see you at the fair!! And thanks to you I didn't get there one whole week early. Love, Deidre.

    PS I started a blog!! You've been an inspiration. Check it out

  2. Hi Pennie,
    This looks like such a wonderful fair! I love the first photo of you nursing your tiny new beautiful babe!