Monday, August 17, 2009

Ugh...The Heat.

i did have a post all set to write...about our garden and all the great veggies we have been harvesting...but then the heat settled in and i got frisky (how i describe my nahum when he is a bit out of hand). i decided that cooking dinner is way overrated and ordering pizza is a really hip thing. naturally being one to follow the crowd i ordered the pizza. hmm...the heat may have addled my brain, the sarcasm is just oozing out this sticky evening. okay...where was i? oh right ordering pizza and heading to tidal falls nature conservancy for some cool air. i was thinking a quiet dinner by the ocean. when we arrived the lot was full because of the last of the monday night music series! bonus! it was old time jazzy tunes. we saw our neighbors who we haven't seen all summer or since shearing day, really?!. it was so much fun to have our last minute get in the car plans include some fun music while we ate and played on the rocks. in other is hot and has been for almost three whole days. okay, i will stop complaining and post the fun pictures. i also just need to say this :: i have wanted to pack a picnic and head to tidal falls for dinner during the summer months for a couple of years now and thanks to this post from one of the inspiring blogs i read, i did it! summer is fleeting, make the most of it. i will.

p.s. there are only six weeks until the best fair ever. check it out and GO! (if you can).


  1. Beautiful photos, sounds like a great day!
    Stay cool mama, we headed out to the river today phew is it hot!!

  2. I agree it's the best fair ever and we'll be there - all weekend. This heat is something else isn't it?

  3. I had a feeling your were going to link me back to Soulemama there! Wonderful to get inspiration and go with it! How cool is that to have a jazz band playing on the beach! Never would have thought of it!