Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Rest of Everything New Jersey... are the rest of the pics I wanted to post from the little trip we took. I believe they are all self explanitory. This is my cheating post...less words more pictures...!

...and now if you will switch with me to some black and whites!


  1. darling! I love just picture posts!

  2. Hi, I love your blog! Our family runs a small farm as well. Hopefully the weather where you are has made for better growing then here in Colorado! Happy farming! Sara

  3. sara-unfortunately the weather has been kind of crazy this year as well. but there are always some crops that will be happy such as our most gorgeous swiss chard ever!!!

    kyndale-thanks for the vote of confidence...i like to be able to just throw up those pics and be done with it sometimes plus...i know that my family loves to see them. are you back from camping then?!

  4. Wonderful photos!! You can never go wrong with pics of swimming or knitting (or a beautiful butterfly ;-)

    We just got home from a little trip too, and my goodness the gardens have grown! Isn't it amazing how our area has such long months of inhospitable weather, then in a few days of summer your garden produces enough food to feed the neighborhood!

    Oh, I keep meaning to ask you if you're planning to head to Portland next week to meet Amanda Soule at her book signing? I thought it would be fun to have a little local blogger meeting while waiting in line :-)

  5. love the pic of the tiger swallowtail on the ball in the pool....and of course those cute kiddos!

    Lisa ;)