Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid August Garden Tour

here is the farm mid august. first we tended to the goats...garlic shooters and delousing (yum!), hooves trimmed and a general once over to make sure they are healthy. nahum came in while we tried to get Lance but he is just too skittish still. levi is no problem...he happily gobbled the grain while lance just watched. yes, that is poor zev stuck in the huge plastic toy (a nightmare really-he can't reach the toys and he doesn't like being in it) but since his favorite past time happens to be eating and then choking on grass he needs to be safe! and strapped to my back while i chase and slide and hold down an unhappy goat...not an option.

the blackberries and blueberries are very tasty right now. (zev has been happily eating the blues mixed with his bananas-i love providing him with some of our fresh harvest as well!!)

the pumpkins are turning quickly it seems. or at least the last time i photographed them they were so green still.

the basil is looking AWESOME!!! i have made a batch of pesto for the freezer already (and eaten some fresh!!). tonight we had a fresh basil, tomato, and romano cheese quiche. mmmm....

rick made a batch of sauerkraut...or is making a batch rather, plus we froze some carrots and cabbage for egg rolls for this winter.

we are having some lovely sunflowers to bring to some lovely friends!!

the birds are growing as they should...both the egg layers and the turkeys!

we have some nice looking peaches, not a ton, maybe a half dozen but still, they look great!!

nahum dutifully checks the corn to make sure that he will indeed get to eat some of his most favorite veg...patience dear boy!

and that about does it for is too hot (still) to be out there much and it is getting drier and drier. i am hoping for a very intense rain storm to break the heat and return us to the lovely maine summers we know exist.


  1. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful garden. Your crops look great! Our corn is not quite ripe yet either. It feels like fall here....very strange weather!
    Happy farming!

  2. I so loved the tour also. What a beautiful place you have there..I'm excited for our corn. We may even get a few ears this year. I watched the bees buzzing around my corn yesterday, lovin' it too. It was hot here today!

    Smiles, Kyndale

  3. What a beautiful garden tour!
    Your photos of all the fresh yummy veggies and fruit are making me hungry! How lovely to be surrounded by so much healthy food that you have grown yourself! Heres wishing for a heavy rain!
    Enjoy the rest of your week Pennie!

  4. Hi Pennie!
    I'm back on-line after a happy harvesting week here...and man is it HOT!!! I'm looking forward to some good sleeping weather soon!

    Your farm looks amazing. We have a few of the same things going on...the hens, peaches, corn, berries. Hoping for turkeys next year, and you know of my dairy cow dream :-)

    I've had to put Noah in the stroller lately when I pick...he's just a bit too much on my back right now while working & corralling the big boys. Just think, next year we'll each have another helper!!

    Are you going to Portland to meet Amanda on Sunday? We're all planning to head over. I'm thinking I'll just take Noah to the bookstore, and Steve'll hang out in Portland with A & J for a bit. Let me know...would Love to meet you!!!

    Happy Harvesting!!!

  5. Pennie! Corn! Corn! Corn! I want some corn! Does Nahum know that I'm a corn freak too? That I just got out of a corn bath?

    Thanks for the tour. What the heck is a garlic shooter? It's for the goats?

    Your little brother. Knows little about goats.