Monday, August 24, 2009

I Am Still Here...

august is the busiest, craziest month in my life. i panic about the soon to be ending cash flow from my jobs and begin to pick up shifts wherever i can. i offer to work later. then i see the garden overflowing with ripe veggies. oh yes, the kids, they need to be tended to as well. we are all tired and needing to be at home. unfortunately that is not going to happen quite yet. it has been hot, stick to your sheets at night hot for too long now. (although tonight is surprisingly cool!!!) i have been taking lots of photos and dream blogging them to this site but unfortunately they haven't quite made it in reality. in between rushing back and forth from work we have been managing to have lots of tiring fun. we have taken clues from others of you out there and began eating outside to let nahum play and eat according to his needs (which works wonders!!). fresh flowers and fresh food sit upon our table this time of year making me feel satisfied and cozy. we hardly spend any money at the grocery store in the summer, going maybe two or three times per month and spending under 200$ total. i don't plan my meals weekly like i do in the winter, it all depends on what is coming up in the garden when i wander through it before dinner. we eat way more veggies in the summer and way more meat in the winter. but as i said, my posts here may be getting sparse but it may be the one thing i can let go of for a month until the dust settles. we have family visiting starting in one week and taking us right up until the common ground fair (which is great for all you family reading this-we really can't wait!!!). nahum's fourth birthday is coming closer and i am busy preparing some everlasting gifts for him. i managed to sneak into my local fabric store and buy myself some fabric for a new skirt. also, i am trying to finish up a little something for my 101 blog post giveaway (i love the giveaways from others and want to pass on the love-not that i have won one yet but i still love all the sharing that goes on in the bloggy bloggy world!!). so...with that long crafting to do list i must get to the photo uploads and get to work.


  1. "Dream Blogging," oh my, I do that all the time these days!! I pretty much took 2 weeks off, but I want to document everything so I can look back when we're snowed in in January and smile :-)

    Missed you yesterday, but I think we'll get up to the common ground fair next month, so we'll have to plan a date!!

    Enjoy eating outside and your incredibly adorable (and photogenic!) children. Best of luck with the extra shifts. I haven't done that in a little while, but I remember those days very well!

    Happy cool night (finally!)

  2. Your photos are so beautiful, they make me feel such a sense of peace and coziness. I love that last photo so much, very sweet : ) I hope you are able to find some respite for yourself in these busy days. Blessings to you mama!

  3. Oh I feel for you - sometimes it's all too much. That is fantastic about not spending at the grocery! I'm more motivated now- feeling overwhelmed myself by finances and everything else!

    The kids are darling and I
    loved the fiestaware plate and what was on it.

    Your fans (like me) hope you are taking good care of yourself - we will be here to read when you have time to blog.

  4. August is a busy month for me too. Beautiful pictures and I hope that things slow down a bit for you.

  5. and thank you all for the wishes for my sanity. i think i will make it. yup. pretty sure.