Monday, August 10, 2009

Homestead Happenings

Finally after being gone, first to Jersey, second to work and my weekly overnight to BH, and more work and the festival...I wandered outside at my house and found these moments to share.

what are we harvesting now...more zukes, cukes, eggplant, basil, beans, swiss chard, cabbage cabbage cabbage, lettuce, peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, and a few flowers we have this year. we are making zuke pancakes a lot and sauteed swiss chard with onions and garlic. we will be making sauerkraut and freezing some of the cabbage for stir frys and egg rolls!! i will make pesto. beans will be frozen. eggplant and cukes eaten fresh! garlic is drying (so far so good-we lost all last year and it was the first time in forever i had to buy garlic, sucky!). onions-we are harvesting as we need them since they are not really ready for the full harvest yet. carrots for now are eaten fresh but later the fall harvest will be put in storage. rick dug some potatoes...and they looked lovely and tasted pretty great too. they will be dug when ready and put in storage as well. we made it through last winter with all our own taters (and then some!) and actually even into the spring, just when i am done with eating potatoes for awhile! we have lost some winter squash due to the pest infestations, which is a total bummer, but is also the reality of growing your own food. we also have some mini watermelons...i hope we get some. and now i realize how much i have typed and will close before we all fall asleep. thanks for listening to me ramble on this evening. there will be more to come as we head into the peak of harvest season. oh wholey cats (nahum's saying) here comes canning season-making a muggy kitchen even favorite!


  1. wholey cats you guys are busy!!
    I appreciate all of the hard work you are putting into your harvest and the whole food that your family is eating. How wonderful for your little ones to be part of such important work!!

  2. it sounds like you have your hands full!! Do you plant anything in the fall? I know that sounds like a silly question but maybe a cover crop?