Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Craft or Two or Ten...

i am going to try and ignore this computer as soon as this post is up. i must work on one of my many projects. but first...i thought i would photograph my space which led me to straighten it a bit (nahum!-that is all i can say, really.) and which will lead me to craft with care rather than shift this here and that there and oops, oh well, looks good enough. i do that all of the time when i do not feel like organizing first. i rush to get crafting and make silly mistakes. but here are some messy and not so messy shots of where i get to craft. and spend time on the computer...i need to boot this computer out of my craft space so i can get something done!! but then i can't even pretend to be crafting because i will have to wander from room to room. ok you win. you can stay right where you are...

here are my favorite shoes...i must put them on when i begin to craft for some weird reason...oh i know...i am weird.

must have the large jug of water since the room is wicked hot. (note one project in background)

and i finally figured out why i like heather ross so much...very much like my favorite favorite artist.

needs no comment...but i can see two projects here.

oh i can see way too many projects waiting here.

and here i can see 1, 2, 3 projects...yikes.

and here is the mothership, my project notebook with my wish lists and book lists and blog lists and lists of what to make for who and when and oy!

well, i am off to work on the colorful triangle project for little mr. nahum's birthday (and should any family that is wondering..we have a little or little big wish list over at nova natural (i had to tell him to slow down while looking)-but we are really hoping not to add much more to our overflowing abundance of toys and yes i added the woolens, mom! (his number is d6je5m)).


  1. Hi Pennie! You are the best kind of busy!

    And I get your shoe thing crafting...I like having a certain music playing (Madeleine Peyroux is top of that list), iced coffee (left over from morning), and a full nap (Tristan's, that is!) ahead of me! And for some reason (duh?) if I clean my office (playroom) spic and span, I feel so motivated and inspired to start a new project!


  2. Hi Pennie!
    I loved seeing your crafting space!!
    And your shoes are so great!!
    We made a certain triangle project at our house too : ) I can feel the gentle shift in seasons pulling me indoors to my sewing machine and knitting needles. I barely craft in the summer so there certainly is something comforting about the fall yet it is so hard to say good bye to summer... We carry our water around in glass jars too, aside from reallllly disliking plastic the glass keeps it so nice and cold that way!
    Happy crafting : )

  3. I am so glad to know that I'm not the only compulsive crafter with oodles of WIPs and too many hands pulling at them all the time!! The convergence of harvest & birthdays (3 of my 4 boys are between now and Halloween) definitely has me considering unplugging this computer till November! Oy is right ;-)

    Oh, and you asked about my boys' ages; Adam will turn 7 just after the fair, Noah will turn 1 just before the fair, Joshua just turned 5, and Steve is having a BIG b-day in October of 2010, so we're supposed to skip this one ;-)

    So excited about hopefully meeting you & your guys next month!!

    Best of luck with all your projects :-)~ Michelle

  4. Hi Pennie,
    I hope you had a successful night of crafting!