Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zucchini Pancakes

I have been waiting for this night since we planted the garden. The harvesting of the zukes. Last summer I believe we made them oh, roughly 3 or so times per week for as long as we were harvesting zucchini. Tonight was a small batch, only six lovely little pancakes. Nahum ate three and a half of them. He wanted more for tomorrow. Patience little one...the zucchini fairies will help ours to grow...soon. Here is a little recipe love for anyone that might want to make these disappearing zucchini pancakes!

(hello to the snake that was resting on our rhubarb...hopefully eating the evil slugs and bugs...)

Disappearing Zucchini Pancakes
Grate about 2 (or more) cups of Zucchini into a bowl. Add an egg, some flour or breadcrumbs (about 1/4-1/2 cup depending on how watery the zukes are). We also add a bunch of fresh chopped basil (or parsley) and grated Asiago cheese (i love cheese so i put a lot in). It helps to let them sit in the fridge for a bit to let the water drain from the zukes (especially if they are big ones!!). Then as Rick informed me tonight use butter and medium heat to fry them up...pan fry not deep fry. You can also use olive oil. Don't forget some salt and pepper. I think that is it. They are sooooo yummy and sooooo easy.

(and I meant to take some photos of the pancakes but...they were gone too quickly...)


  1. Thanks for the recipe, it looks perfect! If we have a harvest like last year, we'll need all the Zuke recipes we can get :-)

    Have you ever made chocolate chip zucchini cake? I found the recipe in Gourmet magazine years ago and it's wonderful... I've even used it as a birthday cake:

    Happy harvesting!

  2. lol first we had synchronistically posted luna moths and now snakes : ) I love that so much, how great!!
    What a yummy recipe, I have never tried this before it sounds pretty fabulous! Thanks : )

  3. Thanks so much for reminding me about zucchini pancakes. Yum yum!