Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tonights Menu

With the weather hovering in the high 50's for day number two, I decided to go with a batch of soup for tonight's dinner. Also I needed a quick menu since we had an afternoon play date. Rick made a wonderful sausage and potato soup one night when we clearly had *nothing to eat in the whole entire house* (come on you know what I mean when I say this). We make it a lot now and with whatever veggies we seem to have an abundance of in the garden. So...tonight it was our homegrown Italian sausage, with onions, carrots, swiss chard, parsley, water and Israeli cous cous. Nahum and I made crackers to go with the second yummiest goat cheese ever! Rick also brought in some of the first beets for the few. Well, there will be plenty more to come at least. While making all this food I felt so lucky and also so amazed that people eat preserved crap all the time. I can't imagine eating any differently any more. I have read so many books on our food industry and each time I make a vow to not buy this or not buy that anymore. Rick or I can make anything that we want to eat and it always tastes better. Some of the best books I have read are: Nourishing Traditions, Stocking Up, Fast Food Nation, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Joy of Gardening Cookbook (totally cheesy but some great ideas), Blue Book Ball Canning, Real Food for Healthy Kids, Whole Foods for the Whole Family, Crazy Makers, The Little House Cookbook, What to Eat, and many others... Anyway, enough are the very few photos I took in between the hyper child rants and the very sad baby cries...(today was one of those days!).

(Nahum's photo of our cracker batter)

As an aside...I fell in love with Rick again tonight when he said, "...I have been Stocking Up it says you can grow about one hundred pounds of wheat berries on an eighth of an acre...". I told him, this is why I want to move, we need more land to grow our own wheat and get that dairy cow I have been scheming about! He said..."...start looking...". Don't tempt me dear man, don't tempt me!

P.S. Here is the other days harvest of cauliflower and broccoli. Last night I made the best cauliflower balls with one of the heads (and the rest is in the freezer for this winter)...Oh my...I just asked Rick to start more cauliflower!!!

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  1. It sounds like you and I are scheming of the same things! Looks fabulous mama, lovely photos of an amazing home grown meal *love* it!!