Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Weekend

I have to say it mostly in pictures because there are so many I want to post. A few words first, though (of course)! We hit the pancake breakfast early (though we were late) with our dear friends. Then we wandered through town, had some coca cola (what?!), and found our spot for the parade with my family. Nahum couldn't wait for the firetrucks and little Zev was happy enough with his plum, which he ate until only the pit was left! After, we went to a gathering at a friends house to see what the view was like from another street and then back out to our neck of the woods to have a peaceful dinner, away from the crowds!! It was a perfect ending, even the thunder and rain that drove our picnic inside!!! PHEW!! A long day.

P.S. Even after you fall into the ocean...life is still fun with a pink raincoat and little paper flag!!

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  1. "Where does your food come from" and "Midwives help people out" WOW!! That looks like the best parade ever! : ) I *love* the second to last photo, it is so very good! So much warmth captured there!