Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Lovely Time Was Had By All...

Girls night out. A true gem. A night for mamas (even though we are not all mamas) to roll down the windows and blast their music (mine started with Podunk and ended with Wilco). A night for an almost three hour dinner with only one mouth to feed. A night for conversation to lose its G rating. A night that does not happen far often enough (which is always one of the topics we end up talking about). much as I would love to talk about all the Girls Night Topics, I can't so I will post my photos and prepare for a kid filled day.


  1. Sounds like a great time! Something I haven't done since 2 nights before Noah was born...TEN months ago!!! I am indeed long overdue. Thanks for the kick in the pants reminder :-)

    PS Are you the boots???


  2. I A M S O S A D T O H A V E M I S S E D T H I S.

  3. miz mouse...i am sooooooooooooo sad you missed it. (but remember we can and WILL schedule sumfin' for when you are here!) how was family time?

    loves, p.

  4. Fabulous photos!! I am long overdue for a mama's night out can I join you all next time? ; )