Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foraging For Food

Not me. Rick. He came home from work the other day with a mushroom he found. He was almost positive it was a Chantrelle. He did a spore test, consulted the mushroom bible (Mushrooms Demystified), and did some online consulting as well. Then he sauteed some up and ate them, while I stood by waiting to catch him with my skeptical face and holding my breath. (I was waiting one day until I ate some just to make sure...) I still haven't had any yet since I have been at work but...there are some in our dehydrator, and in our freezer, and on a tray on the front porch, and in a basket next to the tray...! I am sure I will get to eat some soon... I have always wanted to forage for some food...more than just a handful of blueberries to eat on the hiking trail. (I am thinking Children of the Forest-I love reading about them gathering and drying the apples and mushrooms!!! ) Anyway...this mushroom find is so exciting to me...mushrooms for the winter...who knew! We have always talked about growing Shitakes but that just has not ever happened... Well, that is what has been put up this week. So far we have strawberries (whole, frozen), some rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb jam, peas, and chantrelles!! Looks like this week we will have our first batch of chickens as well. I love stocking the larder.


  1. My mouth is watering... mushrooms and eggplant are the two foods that I could easily exist on (along with some good olive oil ;-)

    Stocking the larder is one of my favorite things to dream about and do...along with Christmas crafting & wrapping in the summer:-)

  2. Wow, Mama!! That is alot of mushrooms! How extremely exciting, they are so beautiful! I will never forget our first morel find! Honestly I am too chicken to eat the ones we find the risk is too great for me to chance... we have a big batch of Reishi mushrooms growing in the house it was a bit of a process to grow them but I am excited about the outcome. I would be very interested in knowing what mushroom guide are you using? We just found bright PURPLE mushrooms! They are crazy cool, I was waiting for the smurfs to walk out from under them. Never knew that color existed. *love* children of the forest too! : )

  3. What a wonderful blog! I'm going to start following it. --Jennifer

  4. Those do look like Chanterelles which are delicious when sauteed with butter! My sister is a mushroom forager and has been for years. I once found some (Chanterelles) with her and her husband when they lived up in Northern Minnesota, near Thunder Bay and we got to pick and cook them up. So yummy. I think I would be too chicken to pick them myself, but if I was with an experienced mushroomer, I'd definitely eat them up. Of course, every experienced mushroomer is a beginner at some point, right?
    Happy hunting!