Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Farm Journaling and What We Are Eating Now

Chores have multiplied. The garden needs to be checked daily. Our little puffs of chickens are scooting around the chicken yard with the big hens now. The goats need new pasture. The weeds, oh the weeds (but honey, you are doing a great job with them so far...). I managed to thin most of the carrots. We need to process 37 pounds of strawberries. We had to go to a farm to pick this year since we need to replant ours. Anyway, I couldn't bear to have a winter without my red strawberries in the freezer so we trudged to a U PICK farm about an hour from our house (I am dedicated to the berries). All of my fun crafting will now sit patiently until the tasks of food preserving are complete...all except my spinning and knitting and a few other must finish before end of summer things. I still do need to wash my two goat fleeces but I have been waiting for sun so I can dry them outside. This is the beginning of hot kitchens as we can our way through the garden. This is the beginning of weekends filled with processing our food to get us through the winter.

Rick just informed me of what was left in the freezers down the basement. Here is a brief list:: 10 chickens, hams, ribs, lots of sausage (both turkey and pork both italian and breakfast), chops, stir fry, he found a hidden pack of peas!, one packet of broccoli, one cauliflower, some winter squash, peaches, apples, two packets of strawberries (that i was hording until now!), a bit of all in all not much! We will finally have meat for the summer (usually we run out way before now!!) and obviously we will be eating fresh veggies now. We harvested a huge cauliflower for dinner the other night and tonight it was a broccoli head for my alfredo with basil (not thick goopy sauce like in some restaurants).

Here are the menus from our recent kitchen adventures!

:: Plenty of strawberry shortcake!!

:: Grass fed steak with swiss chard, caramelized onions, and mushrooms. Fresh squeezed lemonade sweetened with a hint of our homemade smokey maple syrup and Agave syrup (i used 1 part fresh squeezed lemons, 3 parts water, oh a tablespoon or so of maple syrup, and 1/2 cup or so of Agave).

:: Alfredo with fresh chopped basil and broccoli.

:: Roast chicken stuffed with apples, lemon, and fresh thyme and parsley. Molasses corn bread. Steamed cauliflower and sauteed baby carrots (from the mass thinning).

Wow, this is a long post and now I must get packing for my overnight in Bar Harbor (which includes a ladies night out to celebrate a dear friend's birthday)

P.S. the garlic scapes are in!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post and what you are eating garden to table... I love so much living so deeply in the season. You truly 'feel' each one with the seasonal work it brings, picking strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, freezing, canning and around and around it goes from the garden season to season. On to chopping, stacking wood for the Winter. I love all the process involved.
    I would love to hear how you freeze your apples, I had hoped to do this last year and never did... Also happy to read your lemonade recipe, we have been making lemonade out of the River Cottage cookbook but I was not thrilled with all the refined sugar your method sounds just perfect! Be well!

  2. First, wonderful post! Our freezer is far emptier than yours--I was on strict bedrest during much of the harvest last year, and Steve ended up giving much away. Not this year though!!

    Second, The Sun is back!!!!! Man, those weeds sure are happy! Can't complain though, I've been very happy to be out in that sunshine even if it is to pick weeds ;-)

    Third--um, someday, I'm going to be batting my eyelashes to come up there for dinner-- your menus sound divine!!

    Have a blast in BH!