Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beachtime WITH Sun

I know, two posts in one day but I have a lot to catch up on! Plus, I am bragging here about the sunshine we had in Maine!!! It was almost too much...I had no idea what fun the beach is with a bit of warmth! Plus we found the cutest sandollar ever. Plus, I totally discovered the best beach buggy! The bottom half of the pram, who knew this could solve my three kids plus all our stuff including the shovels, twenty pounds of rocks, and other treasures we tote from beach to beach problem...yeah. Anyway. With Zev in the Ergo, M. holding my hand, and Nahum helping to push la beach buggy...it was hardly work getting to and from the car. By the way Zev loved the sand. Here they are...

(he looks so satisfied with himself...like hey, mama, I just totally filled my belly and I rock. Or maybe he is just part chicken and he was filling his crop?!)

P.S. note the shadow...from the sun!!

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  1. Well, I am so totally jealous you had sun!! We have been swimming literally and figuratively in the rain...ugh. Ha! I love that last photo of your babe and your caption went to great with it!! : ) So cute!