Friday, July 31, 2009

Attic Treasures

We are leaving tomorrow for New Jersey. Just a super quick five day adventure with the kiddos. We have to go meet the newest cousin, baby boy number six, Ian. Six boy cousins ages infant to almost 5. Oh my! Anyway...I was gathering Nahum's bag of entertainment for the car and I came across the box of art supplies from way back when (college years!) that I dug out the other day when he asked me to make him a book. I thought I had briefly seen some markers and wanted to include those with the other travel art supplies he loves! I found a bounty of goodness in the old rolling rock box! Paints! Markers! Lots of crayons, book making supplies, charcoal, pastels, puffy pen, glitter, glue, silk screening supplies! I can't believe it has been sitting, neglected in the attic for six years now! It will be a fun winter for sure...lots of time for art projects...and lots of supplies all ready for us. We have a huge bin of art stuff already but, I will have to rearrange some furniture and bring in a bureau to make it easy to get to and organize!

P.S. Nahum and I had an awful day today. We could not figure out how to keep each other happy. It began with negativity and ended with negativity. I am sad for that. I am sad for my lack of patience with him today. I am thankful that tomorrow we will be able to start over. I am excited for the four of us to get in the car and enjoy each other for some pool time and relaxation. I am excited to see the older boys play. I am excited for Zev and Luke to coo and smile at each other. I am glad that I am not always such a mean mama! (the problem may have been the crap we ate today...oh yes, now that I think of it...we both needed to take more time to make ourselves feel better-we ate fruit leathers and tofutti cuties (the mint are just divine!) but not much for real food...oops! sorry sweet Nahum!


  1. Yay for attic treasures : ) How fun!
    By the way, each time I visit your blog I am struck by your exquisite banner! I love it so much and after getting lost in your posts I forget to tell you that : ) So there it is, I love your banner! And I just learned your name today and had been wondering too actually! I saw you had answered Genny's question on her blog now I can call you by name instead of hey mama ; ) good on Genny for actually asking you lol Enjoy your time away! Your sweet mentioning your bad day, much love and light on days to come! We had fruit leathers today too, they are our favorite treat when we visit the healthfood shop. I agree, about food being such a powerful connection to our moods but that is a whole other comment!

  2. Pennie!! oh my goodness how I rely on the sleep of night to wake us both up on the right side of the bed the next morning after days like that. I know exactly what you mean about starting and ending words could have prepared me for the mamaguilt I have over days like that. When that happens, I make huge smiles the next morning. I am always so happy to have a fresh start and a fresh chance to make things better. And absolutely what Nicole said regarding food moods... it definitely is all connected! So glad there are others that see that. Most of the time I get vacant stares when I say that Tristan was grumpy today because he had ice cream yesterday - or whatever it was!!

  3. I am completely on board with the food/mood connection. Last weekend, my kids went to a birthday party and got bags of candy to bring home...a mother's nightmare. The next morning they started in on the candy..for breakfast. I quickly grabbed it from everyone. But my youngest was a wreck for several days. Three days after the fact he was pooping out gum..So, Pennie, I know how you feel. You're a good mama. I hope you have a wonderful trip with lots of family bonding and art! Hugs, Kyndale

  4. I miss you. Even though you are in The Big Jerz, are still technically in Space Maine? Just wondering how all that works.

  5. i believe i am always in space maine...right...can't it work like that?! miss you too! when you coming to bh? we need to plan our ladies night out!!

  6. What a wonderful discovery in your attic!! I love finding bits of the past like that, knowing that the creativity was there before, just in different form.

    Oh, and the bad mama days...we all have them. I'm afraid I had a few too many during the rainy months. And the food/mood thing...right on! I hate most birthday parties the boys get invited to for that reason (okay, I shouldn't say "hate," but you know, the sugur high...and crash that lasts...oy!!!

    Have a wonderful trip...six boy cousins, how fun is that :-)


    Hee, I can write Pennie on your slip of paper for the drawing (Thanks Genny ;-)