Thursday, July 16, 2009

At Sand Beach

Surprise, Surprise we went to the beach today...M, Nahum, little Zev, and I...we made it down the crazy flight of stairs all together, in one piece, with our beach gear. I had been avoiding this beach because I can't use the beach buggy but today I gave it a go (since the playgroup is meeting there tomorrow-and I don't want to miss it!!). Totally easy, one on the back in the ergo, one on the front/side in sling-two bags on one arm and a free hand for Nahum to hold while crossing through the parking lot. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't. Although people do give me the strangest looks and always say, "looks like a handful"-I mean, come on, there are plenty of mama's out there with more kids then I have...I am not setting records here. Anyway, my spectacle and I found a spot and totally enjoyed ourselves. On the way to said spot I saw a pink snow white kite left behind and thought...I should try and fly it...but decided not to because I wanted to put my toes in the frigid water instead. A bit later I look around and see a man in his 60's or so with only his wife, flying the pink snow white kite. They were totally having the time of their life. They were both working out the knots and tangles (which is why it was probably left behind) and it was so great to watch them enjoying themselves with the kite. When we were leaving they were waiting for the bus...with the pink barbie kite in tow!! I vow to be that spontaneous and youthful when I am their age.


  1. Oh, I could never tire of your beach stories & pics of those cuties:-) I think we New Englanders must have a different thermostat than most (in our feet at least ;-) to go into our beach water! And the old couple with the very sweet!!

  2. I love watching people in their joyful moments. Like taking an unposed picture...completely spontaneous joy!

  3. When you mentioned people saying "looks like a handful" it made me laugh... I remember having two in the double stroller and one in the sling and we would take off for a walk to the park it felt like alot but I thought nothing of it once we got going and many people would also comment the same which kind of made me laugh because it was just how we would travel : ) I love your story of the couple flying the kite, what a wonderful reminder to live life to its fullest and take joy in the little things we may not always find time for. (I like the sand dollar, I have only ever found them in Maine)