Monday, July 13, 2009

At Home...

Summertime is so busy for us but I do try to be at home once in awhile. I had a rare one hour (after a hectic morning and missing keys experience but before the CPR class) with nothing to do. I had two cranky kiddos (which involved one very short nap and one baby kicking one big guy in the face as he tried the nap with head in car seat trick again). ...but the sun was warm... We got out the kiddie pool and filled it with water. Nahum had a blast but I think it was a bit of a shock (compared to the warm bath water) for little zev. Nahum loves jumping and having his picture taken and since I convinced him that jumping off of the rickety bench into the kiddie was a bad idea I got this instead.

Here are some more jumping Nahum shots from the pre-beach warm up this morning...note the shoes!

...and just as a side note to any and all of my mamas out there...I totally had to leave the CPR classroom during the infant (which was only a manikin) scene because it made my hormonal breastfeeding self start to cry...oh how cool I felt as I quickly escaped, murmuring something about my six month old at home. the CPR lady skipped showing the choking section "for other reasons"...uh yeah, me! anyway...i did the practice and read the books and she went over everything in lots of detail so all is well...

P.S. ...they are almost in bloom...!!...

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  1. Cute bum picture!

    I remember when I was pregnant taking an infant CPR/emergency class and just feeling, "Am I going to be able to remember this?" my mind was mush as it was, as you well know about, I'm sure!

    Thanks for your comment the other day on my post. It is wonderful to be able to find so many people who are like minded...this is actually beginning to feel like a community :)