Saturday, June 27, 2009

When There Isn't Any Rain

Here is what we normally do when it is dry...have fun outdoors!!! For three whole days we have been mostly dry and enjoying the fresh air again. We got to the playground and the mama and kiddo cookout (at the foggy, foggy, foggiest part of the island!!). We *gasp* bought some ripe strawberries and made a delicious dessert. We saw a Luna moth. We got dirty in the garden and ate the most tender and cutest baby carrots (with some dirt still on them-my favorite). I hope that we even get some sun in the weeks to follow.


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    Sounds sublime!
    We have been picking wild strawberries around the house and can't resist picking up a carton of sun warmed strawberries at our neighbors farm stand almost every day, the local berries are just so sweet and never last too long in our house!!
    How cool you saw a luna moth too, there life cycle is amazing... my kids just found a (dead) Atlas moth in one of our fields they are supposed to be the biggest moth known, nature certainly is amazingly gorgeous!
    Yay for the sun!!! : )

  2. Beautiful're kiddos are adorable!!

    So glad you got out there to enjoy it. We were out in our pjs on Saturday morning when we saw the (temporary) blue sky!

    Maybe all of us crazy northern New Englanders should make a pact that we won't complain (much) about the August humidity if we could just have one sunny week!!!