Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Is On Our Plates

Welcome summer weather. Welcome summer food! No more eating from our freezer (veg wise), there are fresh greens and swiss chard, radishes and spring onions, beet greens and spinach. There is always rhubarb and lots of flowers coming in as well. I realized how much I wanted something fresh and green last night with dinner when I almost stole the swiss chard off of Rick's plate. He even contemplated going out to the garden to harvest some more to cook up. Yum! I guess the dessert was more exciting because we just moved right on to that. Strawberry (frozen from last years garden) Rhubarb crisp. I think it may be the fourth or fifth one but who is counting (or complaining)? The pork was ours as well...some of our last pork chops since we have been enjoying the grill as of late. A quick and mess free way to make dinner. We still have plenty of meat though. Ususally we run out this time of year but not this summer...I think we will have homegrown meat right up until the next round. We grow chickens and turkeys and pork. We try as hard as we can to grow most of the food we eat. We are usually pretty sucessful. Let us hope this year is as productive as years past (or even a bit more productive-already the corn looks more plentiful).

Here is Rick's super quick and yummy swiss chard recipe: Chop swiss chard (lots of it-remember it totally shrinks down when cooking) and toss it in a frying pan with some olive oil, fresh spring onions (the ones you thin from your garden), and some garlic. Put a lid on it and lightly steam it until you think it is ready! I like it to be a bit underdone but...whoever cooks it is in charge of that.

P.S. Look at little Zev these days...

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