Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Wet, Wet June

As I cruise the mama blog circuit I see a lot of posting about this rain...I took these photos the other day for my personal post of rainy weather. I would love to see the sun again but I do love rainy beach days and rainy play dates. I love to eat warm foods and wear my muck boots down to my flooded basement to do laundry. but... I would also love to wear my flip flops while eating those strawberries (that need the sun/heat to ripen) and I would love to head to the beach to play in the water not under the umbrella...hopefully we will see that bright ball of warmth before the cookout/playgroup date this Friday!


  1. Pretty much nothing but rain here to, tiny respites of dry weather but the sun really has not shown her face.
    I documented the rain through photos a few posts back, I guess if you can't beat the rain then join in right! : )
    Your photos are lovely! I see a sweet greenhouse peeking out, and that last photo just melts me!!

  2. The sun will come out tomorrow... okay it worked for Annie :-)

    You certainly are making the best of it, and are quite an inspiration to whiney old me ;-)

    Wonderful photos AND attitude!!