Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Seasonal Life

Living and working in and around the area of Mount Desert Island can be a challenge. A lot of people come in for the summer to work like crazy, several jobs, to make a lot of money. I have lived here for so long that it all seems so normal to me. I have never had a job for twelve months straight. I have never really worked year round. I take what I can find in the winter and often it has been unemployment. Everyone does it. Well, everyone that lives around here and has a seasonal job does it. I have my summer friends (people I see at work and when I am down on the island more) and my winter friends (people I see when town closes up and I am scurrying back to my house for rest). It is exhausting. I usually have two to three jobs, none full time, and each different from the other. This year I will be waiting tables, working at two bed and breakfasts, and taking care of one cute M.. I am already tired and I am just beginning. I guess it is sort of like conditioning for a no time I will be used to it. I just need to build up my stamina. In the fall I will be starting a nursery school called Little Acorns Nursery School with my friend over at Moon Dog Farm. This will be my closest to a "normal" job ever. I will still work like crazy in the summer because you can make a lot of money here in just three to four short months. Anyway here are some photos from M. and from one of the B and B's...quite a difference in job requirements...!!!

Have a great weekend...I am off to Windsor for the annual Fiber Frolic to bury myself amongst the baskets and bins and hanks and balls of fiber and yarn.

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