Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainy Beach Day #492

We chose a different beach this time... It was so great to be here at low tide. The beach seemed so huge. Even though it looks so lonely, we were really not the only ones at the beach today. There were families hanging out in the sand and even having a game of catch. No one was swimming, since the water is probably in the 50's... but everyone was having a great time anyway (without the sun and heat). But hey SUN, we really do love you too...come back and we will all prove it!!! I promise I won't complain about the heat (on the first day, anyway!)...


  1. Love your rainy beach trip photos!! I'm embarrassed to admit, I haven't done the same. My littlest one has had a cold for over a week now, and I just don't like the whole soggy/chilly thing. (Gosh, I sound like my Memere ;-)

    We're actually in NH, but just a few minutes from the Maine border. Not sure, but I think you're a bit north, maybe above Portland?

    Yeah, we had a tornado warning the other day, and a lot of them last summer. One even touched down and caused some serious damage. I know, New England...go figure!

    Okay, I'm going to catch up with the rest of your posts now :-)


  2. Gorgeous beach photos!
    We have been making it a nightly ritual to go to the lake when everyone is gone and play in the sand and water until it gets dark, rain and all... it was a bit chilly yesterday but I couldn't resist diving right in, there is something so invigorating about being in water like that I always feel so 'alive' on the ride home.