Sunday, June 21, 2009

Papa's Day

Today is Papa's Day, yeah! I have to go to work tonight so we had our little honoring of the Papas yesterday. Today I am just going to brag about how talented Nahum's is! The band is called Podunk Variant...they have been playing together since diapers (not really but you get the idea) and they are super wonderful (not that i am biased-because well...i speak the truth only). I love sneaking up to the Honey Comb Hideout to listen to them make music or even better when they play out at a bar (which they mostly do as Trodown, now!). In the past year or so I have been bringing Nahum up or out so that he can watch Papa play. We both love it. The band even lets Nahum sit in sometimes with his mini drum kit (next to the big one)... They just finished their latest CD, Big Bad Idea, which is totally amazing. Someday if I can find the time I will try and figure out a way for you all to listen to it via the blog or sumfin'. For now, trust me. Aside from the music makin', Rick can also, build a greenhouse, plant the seeds, grow the seeds, sell the seeds, plant the entire garden, tend to the animals, find time to give a few tractor rides to a certain little worker and just about anything else that Nahum, Zev, the goats, the pig (more on her another day), the chickens or I throw his way! Thanks for being a great Papa and everything else too! We love you up and down and back again...(love, us)

The CD cover and liner notes

Rick being Papa and sewing the *blanket* that Nahum needed immediately!

The gifts we gave this Papa's Day. The men, from left to right...Papa, Poppy (my dad), and Pop Pop (my grandfather). The project idea was from here.

Happy Papa's Day!

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  1. I love the bookmarks!

    And Nahum's papa sounds very talented indeed. :)