Monday, June 15, 2009

Night Shift

Last night was my first shift at Cafe This Way (a super yummy restaurant in Bar Harbor-should you ever find yourself there). I haven't waitressed in oh...roughly...ten years. That wasn't the hard part though. I had to leave little Zev behind *sniffle* with Rick and Nahum in charge. I was not ready to do this. I was a mess all week with anticipation for last night. I knew Zev would cry. I knew he would be there waiting for me when I got home. I knew everyone would be okay. The hardest part was not being able to tell him that I would be gone for the evening and part of the night (you know, the part of the day when he really really wants mama's milk-I mean how else do you get them to bed at night). I felt bad that I would just disappear and he wouldn't know where I went and when I would be home. If I didn't think we needed the money from the one shift a week...I would have quit before I started. Hopefully this one shift per week will allow us some extra cash this winter when I can't work my butt off. At the very least...Rick and I will be able to have a date night here and there this summer (which is totally wonderful to think about!). Anyway...Rick, Nahum, Zev, and I (and my mama's milk) all survived the first shift. I got home at 11.30ish (I left the house at 3.30). The house was quiet, a bit messy, and did I mention quiet. I tried not to sprint up the stairs for fear of what I may find but alas...all three of my boys were asleep. Rick woke up when he heard me and gave me the report...luckily Zev only cried for about oh...three hours *heart breaking* and Nahum who patiently waited for Rick to be able to play with him...gave up waiting and curled up into a ball and fell asleep *heart breaking*. And so I took the dog out and crawled into bed (soooo soooo tired) next to my littlest (who was now awake and totally smiling at me) and we fell asleep with lots of milk flowing between the two of us. Can't wait until next Sunday.


  1. Good work mama (and papa and nahum and zev) !

  2. Hooray! I love the happy ending to your stress and anxiety of your first Sunday shift... and work? Did anyone order any champagne?!